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    Ive never ever replaced all 4 at once on a Quattro. Never had any issues. Had new front tyres 2 weeks ago.
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    It is just way too hot.

    Car was saying 33.5c down here on the south coast today (whilst doing 50mph+ not sat in sun all day).
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    UK Audi dealers not following Fixed Price Servicing

    Had a basic service done on mine by JKM in Pompey on Friday, £159. Even have acess to the dealer service network to update the service history.
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    Considering S4 Avant as a dad wagon

    Well.... a combination of factors are now at play lol Mainly, work is a bit up and down right now, i work in professional motorsport industry, mostly F1. I cannot be trusted with a 100bhp car let alone 300+! I do alot of milage. I DO need an estate, a diesel would be better but selling it on...
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    Talk to me about ..... (building a track car)

    Friend of mine has an E46 325ti Compact track car, much lighter bodyshell compared to coupe. Its such a fun car for not alot of money at all! For the amateur occasional track day i wouldnt waste your time or money chasing horsepower. Keep it cheap, simple & fun. Thats speaking from 17 years of...
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    Considering S4 Avant as a dad wagon

    Thanks for the input guys. Planning on buying the latest B8.5 I can find i think so 64 or 15 plate. Part ex my trusty 14 plate Black Edition TDi.
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    Recommended products to clean up aluminium

    Mr Muscle foam oven cleaner spray (orange aerosol can). Great for bringing up weathered and beat up cast alu.
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    Considering S4 Avant as a dad wagon

    Thanks guys. Yeah im under no illusion that i wont lose money upon resale! I got my current A4 for a great price 2 1/2 years ago so fortunatly ill only lose maybe 4 or 5k if i part ex it. First thing I did was look at Revo software etc.... completely transformed my TDi. 3rd 4th and 5th in gear...
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    Considering S4 Avant as a dad wagon

    So, im contemplating chopping in my B8.5 saloon for an B8.5 S4 Avant now we have our first born.... Did consider a 3.0 TDi Avant but in my opinion diesel cars in the near future are going to be very hard to re-sell so going petrol seems logical, and buying a slow one well just no. I do alot of...
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    I work in the professional motorsport industry.... No Formula 1, no WEC, no Indy or Nascar = no work for me. Our short getaway to a wedding in Portugal now cancelled and my yearly excursion to Le Man (24hr) now moved to Sept with potential of cancellation. Not that im complaining, im a good...
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    That is freaking!
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    A4 2.0TDI 134bhp/170bhp - Experiences & Results from Remapping?

    Same here. Previous car was a B7 140 TDi, now have a B8.5 177 Quattro and the difference is like night & day. Had Revo stage 1 (210 ish horsepower) and its a fantastic daily driver!
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    Heated washer jets?

    How do you turn them on?? By using the heated rear screen or heated mirrors?
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    Heated washer jets?

    Do they come on with heated rear screen or heated mirrors do you know?? I guess the A6 ones are heated too?
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    Heated washer jets?

    Do B8.5's have these as standard? They were standard fit on my old B7 but unless im a spastic, im quite sure the 8.5's, or atleast mine, doesnt have them?