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    Swapping front / rear tyres

    Thanks, if it's icy, I won't go out lol
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    Swapping front / rear tyres

    I don't have long left on my lease so would prefer not to spend on tyres if I don't have to. The fronts have 3.5mm, rears 5.5mm, would I be ok to swap them around for a few months?
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    How Safe is OBD Eleven?

    On a previous car I pulled out the wire from the handbrake to activate Video in Motion :icon thumright: The wife has an iphone, she 'steals' the car constantly so it'll be good to set up for her and the kideroonies, thanks.
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    How Safe is OBD Eleven?

    Wait a sec, we can play videos on the screen? What type of changes are people doing to their A6, either via a 1 click app or long coding? The interesting ones I see are Video in Motion (quote above, didn't even know this was available whilst parked) Turn off lane assist by default Chirp the...
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    Fuel Gauge Broken

    This is my first issue in 19 months of ownership so I guess I have done pretty well.
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    Fuel Gauge Broken

    Has anyone had this before, I filled up the tank at 40 miles remaining, drove off but the gauge didn't change. Instead it has continued to go down, I now have 10 miles according to the car and the right hand marker is also still on red. I went back to the fuel station and could only get a few...
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    Data issues

    I'm 15 mins north of Derby and I've been downloading maps for days. Drove over to Notts yesterday and maps downloaded no problem.
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    Anyone got door locking/unlocking audio chirping working?

    Did you get the official dongle or a cheapy eBay version?
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    New A6 Options - Lease/PCP/Purchase

    For me when I got my car in October last year, a lease was by far the best value. A6 Avant Metallic S-Line Tech Pack £385pm with £2k deposit over a 3 year term The lease also includes free tax for the duration, but I opted out of maintenance and gap. PCP inc the Audi discounts were coming in...
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    My Audi App Update - easily export your driving data as a csv

    Hi I have downloaded the latest My Audi Android app version and in the release notes is this "easily export your driving data as a csv" Has anyone managed to find this in the app? Thanks
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    Handbrake on engine shutoff

    I did reverse in to the space today yes. It was a small space so parallel parked quite slowly, then rolled forwards about 30cm before turning the engine off. I often reverse park but do it faster than I had to today. Usually though as soon as I turn off the engine, the car goes in to park and...
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    Handbrake on engine shutoff

    I didn't know that was a thing, how do I check?
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    Handbrake on engine shutoff

    Usually turning off the engine also puts on the handbrake automatically and puts the car in park. My daughter's school is on a steep hill so in the morning I park up, turn off the engine and go to get out. This morning, I parked up quite close to a car, turned off and took my foot off the brake...
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    Sticky door handles / Wing mirror seal

    My front passenger door began to stick over the weekend.
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    Damp windscreen

    Thanks, will give it a go.