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    Another convertible roof issue - 02000 implausible switch position

    Glad it's fixed. The switch on the driver's side seems to get more sticky than the other one.
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    Another convertible roof issue - 02000 implausible switch position

    02000 is the 2 latches just behind the seatbelts. There is a microswitch inside the lock. On mine was switch was open and the other closed. They both need to match.
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    Cabriolet rear window bond repair guide

    Glad to see this thread still helps people. Mine has lasted very well so far. Just been busy on other projects so not been here in a while. I even did my own timing belt replacement a year ago.
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    Roof fault

    Scan for codes. It’s nearly always a micro switch.
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    HELP Bonnet wont open

    Removing the grill won’t help at all on a cab. If there is no tension on the cable you can get under the car at the front and with a strong bent small hook you can move the lock mechanism. It took me about an hour and lots of swearing....
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    Cambelt kit - recommendations

    Hi, maint is pretty on top of to be honest, it's a 16 year old car now . I am surprised the snub mount wasn't picked up on the mot in Jan! I bought a Gates kit in end, including thermostat, water pump, rollers and tensioner. I'm just questioning the timing now, does anyone know if the cam...
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    2.4 V6 cambelt problem- help !

    Hi everyone.... I've got the front end off, set TDC, marked the cam sprockets all good. New belt on, cam marks ok but when I put the flywheel pully back on it was not at TDC (I didn't use the lock pin). So, on the assumption my cams are good (the metal bracket fellas are pointing at each other...
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    Cambelt kit - recommendations

    Hi, have to admit I didn't bit I got one from Europarts. Had a nightmare through, one of the spark plugs discentregated the block, took me over an hour to get it out. One of the oil breathers so the rockers (V6) has crumbled it nothing as has the front snub mount.
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    Cabriolet rear window bond repair guide

    Major thread revival .. My glass is still in place
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    Question for Soft Top Owners

    I have rebonded my glass , it's time consuming but can be done. Never waterproof my roof though.
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    Cambelt kit - recommendations

    Hi everyone, long time no see ! Hope you are all staying in where you can and staying safe. I need to do the cambelt on my 2.4 petrol Cab, can anyone recommend a kit and supplier. Looking to do belt / waterpump / thermostat and tensioner ideally. Its a 2003 but only covered 86k so its...
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    2002 A4 cabriolet roof issue ! Please help

    The usul suspect is the microswitch on the boot, the one that determones if the stowage box is ready or not.
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    Reviving an A4 Cab roof

    Milton sounds an interesting idea. As it happens I have some, I use it so sterilise my dental retainer ! Again, what mix did you use ? I have tried the AutoGylm kits but they don't touch it.
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    Cabriolet rear window bond repair guide

    I had my car MOTd at the Ford main dealer opposite my work and it was them who charged me £35 to polish my lenses. It took them about 30 mins to do it. Cant complain as you can see the result is spot on.