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    Oil leak clean up

    Hi, So a seal went on a long drive on the weekend which led to a lot of oil dripping down and then splattering on the whole underside of the car as it was during a motorway drive. I have washed the car today as it went everywhere, but it needs another wash as it all didn't come off. What is...
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    A4 S Sline 2015 Xenon Headlight

    Cheers, so I gambled on the bulb, went with Osram, got 2 for £112 and a local bodyshop where I was working that week to fit them as I thought it was a body work job not a mechanical. Worked a treat, £40 for labour and was done in a few hours. The most expensive bulb change I have ever had though...
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    A4 S Sline 2015 Xenon Headlight

    Hi, This week my left side headlight went out on a night drive and triggered a warning but then came back. After stopping and re starting the engine, the error went but the light started flickering and then lost its colour temperature and went more tungsten / orange. It is currently working but...
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    Overspray stuck on windows from repair

    Thanks all! Ill will work my way through the list of what I have / can get hold of and let you know what worked with a before and after photo Cheers :-)
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    Overspray stuck on windows from repair

    Hi, I recently had an body repair on the side of my A3 and noticed when deep cleaning the car there is a film of something on one of the windows, you can feel it when you put your hand across it and see it when the sun hits....It's like a clear mist. I have tried using a bug sponge, vinegar and...
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    Cambelt change and warranty

    Hi, So Audi sent me an email saying my cambelt on my 2015 1.4t A3 saloon last month, the new rules are every 5 years now officially. With saying that and Audi currently closed and only a few garages around open, which not all I would trust, the car is in warranty until 14th June and wondering...
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    Who can I send an Audi complaint to? with a cc
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    Who can I send an Audi complaint to?

    So, I have had success. Very impressed with the reply time. I had a call from someone who took my case from Audi Executive Office in Milton Keynes. I went through verbally what I said in my 2-page complaint letter about my Audi purchase and even after it was fixed in October they took it...
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    Who can I send an Audi complaint to?

    Great, thanks for the swift reply. Ill give that a go!
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    Who can I send an Audi complaint to?

    It's taken a while to get the letter down with the amount of details and finally its ready and I wanted to send it by post to someone, but not sure where to start. It was a Lookers franchise who let me down and sold me a used aprroved Audi and is related to that without going into too much...
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    Curb damage (camber and tracking)

    It was a free check, only costs to adjust the tracking. I was miles away from home and they ran out of time with the car so as it was safe to drive back, I am now revisiting my options :-)
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    Curb damage (camber and tracking)

    Hi, I managed to run over a curb last week causing un repairable damage to both driver's side tyres, which have been repalced. Both alloys have small comestic damage which I have put on the back burner for now. But I had the car put on a wheel alignment system while the tyres were done and I...
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    Best person to complain to Audi about a used car purchase?

    Hey, So after my third Approved used Audi purchased from an Audi dealer, there were multiple issues and the service was shocking. I have written a letter of complaint, which I wanted to send to the branch as well as someone higher up. Does anyone know who the best person or contact details to...
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    Gear stick knock on releasing from park A5 2.0 Tdi CVT

    Hi, Yesterday when I pressed the brake to come out out park into drive on my 2012 CVT auto box A5, there now is a clunk which you can hear and feel through the gear stick. It only happens when you're stationary and you're coming from a P, N or R selection into D and back. Once you drive off...
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    A5 knock / creek

    Thanks for the replies both. Ill have a look at both points over the weekend and then to a garage if I can't see any easy faults. After further driving it seems to just happen when the car is under load and accelerating from a slow speed that this creek / ache noise is apparent. There is no...