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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    New garage rating system

    Ive bought my last 3 audis from aberdeen audi and they have been perfect everytime
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    Sat Nav Query (Technology Package)

    Yeah what he said^^ its very annoying!
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    De-Chrome wrap - tell me I'm being too picky?

    I would go back to them, you have paid for a service that you haven't received..That would annoy me knowing it was like that so i would just take it back and explain
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    Pics of a Shiraz Red A3 8V?

    Black FTW. (yes im boring :) )
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    Some f÷×+%tard smashed in to my S4

    Hmm.. would it line up?
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    64 Plate 8v S3 - Sat Nav not enabled

    I'm not sure how it works.. never had to do this before. .also.. do people actually pay £500 for it??
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    64 Plate 8v S3 - Sat Nav not enabled

    Anyone any help?
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    Hi! I'm Erik!

    Welcome :) upload some pictures.. sounds interesting
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    my s3.. pick her up on tuesday ! got kw v2's on order and looking at rs3 grille.
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    H&R Springs

    What coilovers have you went for and do you have pictures of them fitted?
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    Ready to pull the trigger, how should I buy it?

    I would look about and keep your eyes open on all audi pages.. i picked up mine with near enough every extra for £28k with 4k miles.. 64 plate. aberdeen audi
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    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    my old s3.. my girlfriends mini
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    Capturing "Operation S4 - Detail and Protect" from Start to Finish

    an interesting read and such a nice car! learnt a few things also.
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    Lava Grey A3 'Koko'

    Plans sound good! love the colour too