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    HELP! rear wheel bearing wrong size ? abs + esp fault

    There are 2 sizes 30mm and 32mm i think sounds like you need the smaller one. I know on MK5 golfs you cant tell which one you have until you remove it and try them. My point being they should be the same as the golf, go somewhere else and order some 30mm ones
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    Rear speed sensor change

    I think you need a M14 spline aswell for the caliper carrier, when i did mine on a golf it took about 40 mins a side
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    Rear speed sensor change

    I would say its the ABS ring on the bearing, ive had a simalar problem in the past.
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    s3 revo stage 2+ back to stock.

    air filter is - BSH TRUE SEAL INTAKE WITH EVOMS INTAKE HEAT SHIELD RS6 grill was genuine and custom fitted so will be worth more than £100
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    My first post! Need some help pls with engine part for A3 3.2 V6

    Hi i looks like its just the tube that cover the spark plug / coil pack wires. I dont think it should cause any issues.
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    Audi dealer service rip off !

    Reminds me of when i went to VW to get a fault code checked, i had already scanned it and replaced the dodgy speed / abs sensor but the fault would not clear. I went to VW and they scanned it and told me the same fault and then said they could not see anything wrong and would need to strip the...
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    Rs3 or golf-r

    I have bought a Golf R, great car. If you want a 5 cylinder sound track then buy a TT RS. I agree its just a S3 with a golf body but its much more refined and with the optional ACC a great drive.
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    I want to de tango the front indicators.

    mine was pre facelift and i bought the silver bulbs and did the arch liner, as for after the face lift i think paula bought some bmw bulbs to fit
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    Anybody here good with photoshop ?

    wow your an expert martay lol
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    S3 Seat removal

    Really simple 4 bolts then about 2 or 3 electrical connectors underneath. I think they are spline bolts (torq) but i cant remenber the size Your new seats should come with the frame, so its easy to swap
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    bucket seat covers

    Some on ebay for RS4 seats which are the same as the S3 buckets
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    What has been the most fun car you have owned (current or past)??

    Hmmm let me think, maybe a 309 gti which was fun on lift off, corrado 16v which was lowered and kept up with a few faster cars around the twisties, lotus elise which could go sideways for fun and a very weird fiat cinq which was a courtesy car and got hammered everywhere as you had to keep the...
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    Awesome GTI

    Always been ok when ive used them
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    Sorry sold

    Sorry sold
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    Alloy refurb in Nottingham/Midlands

    I can recomend a certain man on here lol, if you need a clue he has purple alloys.Might have to wait a few weeks before he fits you in but his work has been spot on for me