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Broken Byzan
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Jan 17, 2017 at 1:25 PM
Apr 26, 2004
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Aug 5, 1971 (Age: 45)
Cardiff, United Kingdom

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Broken Byzan

Photographic Moderator, 45, from Cardiff, United Kingdom

Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4
Broken Byzan was last seen:
Jan 17, 2017 at 1:25 PM
    1. Ralphthemouth
      Hello. I was wondering if, for beer money, you could help me get access to my concert 2 radio, so I can code it to accept steering wheel controls.
      Many thanks.
    2. Golfyste
      Hey dude.
      Just seen a post you made back in 2013 about you having a issue with block 93 on vcds reading -11kw.
      I'm having a similar issue and wondering if you ever sorted it?
    3. Slovicej8
      Hi mate wondering if you could help us out possibly next weekend to code some facelift rear lights on my a3 sportback? Thanks in advance Sam
    4. Zbro786
      Does the golf mk5 1.6 have a soft touch dash
    5. matt summers
      matt summers
      hi buddy,
      I have a trip planned to drive down to Devon to see my daughter on Saturday and in typical fashion my engine management light has come one (after last weeks mini service too) I was wondering if there is anyway I can I can meet up with you to plug in for diagnostic purposes?
      cheers either way
    6. Charlie23
      Hi Mate, hope all is well. Just wondering if you could help me out with abit of codding on my Mk6 VW GOLF GTD?

      Cheers Craig
    7. Skips1977
      I'm having trouble upgrading my maps and firmware on my RNS-E Nav Plus in my s-line '08 A3. It was installed by an ex audi fitter. I'm stuck on 0200. I wonder if you might be able to help, I'm Bristol based but can easily get over the bridge to you - Any help would be great. Cheers
    8. PB_Performance
      i can come to you if possible?

    9. PB_Performance
      Evening chief, would you be able to code or map out my egr? 54 plate A3 Sportback, 2.0 tdi 140 ps. im inchepstow by the severn bridge.

    10. GeorgieS3
      Hi byzan, I was wondering if you have vagtacho to code some clocks for my s38l? Cheer mate
    11. limbo118118
      hi byzan, seen you wrote on a thread on the s3 8l page about narrow band to wideband conversion. im wanting to do this conversion to my s3 narrow, just strugggling to find the exact info! im wanting to fit the wideband ecu with vvt and egt probe. i can get hold of the -ecu- vvt from a head- and after market egt probe. just unsure what wiring etc il need to do! thanks in advance! limbo.
    12. dazza2393
      Hi mate.forgot to mentiin top hose gets that hot you csnt touvh it but the botto. Is luke warm.an ideas???
    13. Andy Crooks
      Andy Crooks
      Is there any possibility we could get the shelsey Walsh thread copied into the wales meet section of the forum? Cheers
    14. phoenixv6quattro
      Hello Byzan. Just a quick one. Is it possible to post a "swap" thread on yhr b5 forum? I have some new angel eye headlights I would like to swap for some facelift ones.....


    15. gaz71
      hi, my addy is gareth-haywood@hotmail.co.uk Thanks for that
    16. phoenixv6quattro
      Hello Byzan A4,
      I am contacting you because there is a thread about selling dodgy phones with my name UNDERNEATH it! This happened due to me replying to the original post and explaining that this wasnt the place to try and sell dodgy phones. Since my post one someone has deleted the original leaving just my reply!!! Now it looks as if I made the original post (and to be fair makes me look like a wa**er!!) Is there any chance you or the team could delete this? Just so you are aware generic posts of this advert were posted in EVERY forum aroun 0400.

      Many thanks

    17. timmayaudi
      probably see you at audi day at castle combe on saturday? i should be bringing the a4 avant along :-)
    18. Broken Byzan
      Broken Byzan
      Hi kev, sooo much has happened mate here, i see your car is almost done from the build on SRS

    19. satans child
      satans child
      well hello brian ...long time no see bud ...
      how the hell are you all doing in the asn world....?
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    Aug 5, 1971 (Age: 45)
    Cardiff, United Kingdom

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