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  • Hi mate, can you get the new S8 plus front grille, its gloss black to replace the chrome one on my 2017 S8 ? Cheers Steven.
    Hi there, I live in Falkirk and could do with some VCDS help for my Audi A6. I need to fit a new battery and reset the service light. Any help would be very much appreciated. Dave
    Hi, was wondering if u still do the rs3 black grill and do u fit them also mate?
    Yes and yes mate....£230 all in
    Hi, finally used up my old wax - now is the chance to get some Angelwax Dark Angel as previously recommended:). How much is it and how do I order it? May need a few other things.. Is there a website I can view all the products you can supply?
    Hi mate DA is either £35 for 200ml or £25 for 100ml. I have no 100ml pots in stock only 200ml. You also get free foam applicator pad and microfibre.
    Hi, I just wondered what you charged for 144mm/20mm IE Tuscan rods shipped to Sunny Merseyside.
    Also what price for IE H-beams in same size comple with Rifle drilling?

    Kind regards
    Hello mte can you still get the Rs3 front grill ? If so could you let me know thanks are they
    Nearly as good as OME grill
    Alright mark how's things?

    I'm just looking into remaps for my 2008 BMW 5 series 525D can you map these cars and if so what can you offer?

    Cheers Scott
    Hi mate,
    interested in some angel wax products. How do i order? After some dark angel and leather balm. How much for both?
    Hi mate, yeah I'll take one at £10 delivered as the reviews say it's a very good QD!

    PM me your paypal details and I'll send payment across, probably be tonight though as I'm heading out.

    Thanks - Adam
    Hi mate,

    I think genuine BBS rims are going to be well outside my budget but if you can let me know what you can do a set of bare 18" CH's for delivered to sunny Hertfordshire.

    Muchly appreciated

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