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    Jassy's Blue Audi TTS Adventure

    Any updates @jassyo06 ?
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    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    Not a car but ...
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    Jassy's Blue Audi TTS Adventure

    @jassyo06 - Congrats on the new TT buddy! Looks fab :thumbs up: PS Changed your thread title to something more appropriate for you mate & your welcome :D
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    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    A dozen of these MF's Got a recommend of some of my mates on DW :thumbs up:
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    Audi S3 to VW Golf R - Am I a joke to you?

    Thread Locked This thread has now gone way off topic and continues to do so so I'm calling time on it If you want to carry on with all the off topic chat there is a thread specifically for it, as some of you already well know Feel free &...
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    Best and most unobtrusive/up to date high res dashcam
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    GUTTED! :'( Just Crashed My S3 in the Snow

    Thread Locked Enough!
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    GUTTED! :'( Just Crashed My S3 in the Snow

    @AlS3BE @A3SLine2014 - You have been warned
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    New Car Ordered - Toyota Yaris GR-Four

    @wab172uk - Congrats on your new car buddy - looks fab! - love that colour! Always good to read a honest review I’m sure you gonna have fun it it
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    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    Gave the wife's up! its fortnightly clean today First time use of the Dodo Juice Born To Be Mild shampoo I bought recently having not used it for 10 years or more 15ml shampoo / 15 litres of water dilution ratio Foams up more like a snow foam than a shampoo & smells lush to Forgot how good it...
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    Merc A45s...

    Can we get this thread back on topic fella's as its seems to have veered way off course Remember my ASN buddies what Confucius said - 'Opinions are like a-holes, everyones got one' :D TIA Much love BH x
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    Merc A45s...

    @Snake Pliskin - Thats gone quick! Feeling your pain my friend I've delayed my £475 for 3 months - my X3 go's back on the road on Monday (1st March) Just doesn't seem fair when the wife's up! is only £20/annum for road tax :(
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    Audi Specialist on Teesside?

    @shinsplint - Ron Turnbull always gets good write up's altho never used them myself & there's Volkswerk a few doors down from Turnbull's too
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    5 Litres Bilt Hamber Surfex HD - £18.66 Delivered

    @Simon - Plus £4.96 shipping on that price