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    jb0o's 2.0TFSI & 3rd A3

    looking good Jonny mate :)
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    2008 A4 Alloys - BBS CH-R fitment

    Hi, new to this section as im currently selling my S3 and may have the chance in the next few weeks to buy my bosses A4 S line. I have a set of wheels from my S3 and I presume that they would fit, so may keep hold of them for the moment. They are BBS CH-R 112 8.5 x19 ET 48 am I correct in...
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    Stolen Golf Mk6 GTI

    A friend of a friend got his car stolen if anyone could keep their eyes or ears open. Stolen on Monday night - this car is heavily modified and stands out like a sore thumb - If anyone sees this car please pm me, will be on false plates - £2K reward... ...... Current reg number N10HE. No VW...
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    Pictures don't work
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    The latest RNS-E???

    I thought that same Paullie
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    Sprint Blue Paint Code?

    Ive just done a google search on L Z5F and it comes back as sprint blue mate.
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    Sprint Blue Paint Code?

    Isnt sprint L Z5F
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    I Guess I Went "In"

    They just look awesome!
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    My sportbacks 14 week makeover

    Your car is stunning, that video is just ace...
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    Sportback with 19's on H&R 35mm springs, picture anyone?

    Have a look here mate, about half way down 3.2Ju has a sportback on CKs with H&R springs
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    Rhyso's Posh Golf

    Thanks Rhyso
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    More questions....sorry

    Yeah you should be fine with the tyres, I think personally I would replace all 4 (bit OCD) Paulie is correct that is the older model, the even newer ones have a gloss black surround too.
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    Rhyso's Posh Golf

    Also... bit behind the times but the wheel bags you bought you dont have the name of the seller at all as the ebay link doesn't work now and I cant find them for anything now!
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    Rhyso's Posh Golf

    Looks lovely, liking the wheel colour
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    Tracker - which one?

    But it can often be an insurance requirement as mine was. I have a Tracker Horizon on mine. Monitors the vehicle. Have a look at the Tracker Locate, it has jamming counter measures. Have a look at the below. TRACKER - Stolen Vehicle Recovery Car Products