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    HELP - can anyone obtain Sportback rear parking sensors?

    Hi All, Going to re-post this here as have had no joy in classified section. Can anyone get hold of an audi rear parking sensor for me. I have a 2004 Sportback in akoya silver - would be good to get sensor sprayed same colour before I install it. Is there anyone out there who can help...
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    I was just thinking....

    Jojo, if you're worried about it, you should use the Honda Jazz that you have more often! My Audi is 5mph out, but the Jazz is spot on! :respekt:
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    Bad post through the letter box

    6 points and a £260 fine, I'd say I got off pretty lightly considering... zimmer frame plan worked! Thanks Onlyme!:icon_thumright:
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    Kids today!

    I blame the parents! :no: I would have never, and still would never do anything like this (not that I'm a kid anymore)
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    Bad post through the letter box

    Thanks for all these posts, at the end of the day, it more or less sounds like I should take what they dish out to me and accept it. Although I'm going it alone, I did have a solicitor advise me I would probably recieve a 28-35 day ban plus a fine - a whole month without my car!!!! It's like...
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    Bad post through the letter box

    After almost 5 months of waiting, I have recieved my court summons last Saturday. Hearing is a week Friday, just less than a week before I move home and leave my current job to set up my own business! Nothing I don't deserve of course, but was secretly hoping they had forgotten about me...
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    Saw a Veyron

    I think you're right, people would have thought you were a nutter :nyah: Nice car though, you get all the best ones in London!
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    Moved to the Dark-Side

    Must admit, already have one! One of the most versatile cars ever, and quite fun to drive, that's why I let the wife drive it, and I stick with my old reliable Audi A3 sportback sport 2 litre diesel :w00t:
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    Britain=RAG ORDER

    Here here indeed! Let the revolution begin! It used to be America had the worst gun crime, but I feel we are catching up fast, and guns aren;t even legal here, WTF!!! I would lock myself up in my own house, but I am probably not even safe there any more!
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    Nice start to the day !

    And again I say, what has happened to respect and general politeness - who are these people who have no care or feeling for others. I like the idea of when the theives are caught, they have to personally apologise to their victims!! :asskicking:
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    Your experiences with the police, good or bad?

    So it can take that long then - although am I right in saying they are only supposed to have two weeks to issue an actual NIP? I've had mine verbally... am waiting for the next bit now
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    theives are about in my area

    It makes me sick to hear about all these things - why can't people just have respect for others - there's some real low life scum out there!
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    Your experiences with the police, good or bad?

    I was caught doing 102, Police were very nice once they realised I was not going to give them grief, just admitted what I had done, and they gave me a verbal NIP - 4 months on and I still have not had that letter about my court case, am I likely to from now? Can it really take this long?
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    you got love (well hate) BT

    I'll tell you another joke along the same lines: British Gas Need I say more!
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    :keule: GROAN!!!!!