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    SQ5 SQ5 maxton mods

    I am pretty certain the 8R SQ5 front bumper is the same as a normal 8R Q5 S-Line? Tempted for a Maxton front for ours but just dont want to buy it to find out it doesn't fit
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    Dragy times

    Nice! Now you will want to make it faster lol Good to see a stock figure as I didnt have dragy when I was stock - currently stage 3+ and 0-60 is 3.16s so nice to see the difference
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    MRC Stage3 s3

    6 year old thread! Mine is Stage 3 and I have no extra cooling on my gearbox however, racingline do a kit for it
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    Map Update

    Its a 2018 S6 avant, unsure whether or not it has tech pack
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    Map Update

    A friend has a 2018 S6 and has asked me about map updates - what do I need to do or is it an Audi job?
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    Wanted MQB Eurocode Rear Brace Bar

    @Joxh no mate, I never followed up on it
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    TPMS Retrofit

    Its done off the ABS and not tyre sensors TBH not worth the hassle.
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    Wanted spacers wanted 3/5mm or 8mm hubcentric
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    Wanted spacers wanted 3/5mm or 8mm hubcentric
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    2018 B9 RS5

    Mud flaps: Seen a few posts on American forums but no one can confirm if S5 splash guards will fit the RS5 Any help appreciated Thanks
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    TCU Tune with Stage 2?

    Personally I would TCU tune every ECU tune - it will accommodate the map better and protect your gearbox For the record I am Stage 3 Revo for both ECU and TCU tunes
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    Audi A3 8V Sound System

    Are you B&O or not? Year of car? Who installed your carplay? Brand? I doubt you will get your answers on a forum, probably best going to a car audio place so they can diagnose the issues you are experiencing
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    S tronic gearbox oil change

    Doesn't answer your question but did you do the adaption procedure after service?
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    Rpm in Dynamic mode

    When you are in S mode does it rev all the way out? I know what you are saying, it should lift the rpm at idle - strange one.
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    No water from the rear wiper jets

    Remove it completely - looks cleaner, more slick and no concerns about leaks, blockages, wiper failure, etc...