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    For Sale Goodridge BRAKE HOSE KIT FOR AUDI A5 3.0 tdi

    Afternoon People, As title I have the complete brand new kit for sale. £45 +2postage Further items will be listed including a rear heldex unit which I understand is suitable for several different models. Bought for a 2007 A3 2.0tdi
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    Replacing the A3 2.0tdi 2007 BMN Rear diff Haldex

    After much research and looking I've found that model 0AV525010L (and also the C and E variants??) is the replacement for my noisy diff. Can other model diffs be installed? Say the one from the S3 that are widely available? 0AV525010K?? Thanks for any information and help you can provide. Nick
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    A3 TDI 170 PD DPF Delete - where to go near Manchester?

    Yeah don't get caught out with the cons most garages will have you believe. "we need it for 2 days" "oh its a quat, let me add 400 on the price" Just take it to unicorn like I did. Nick
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    Aux enabling concert 3

    I'd be interested in something like this! Miss the unit I had in my MK4. Or maybe the android swaps...
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    I would like to speak to you about my current project I'm planning (A3 TDI QUAT BMN). As it...

    I would like to speak to you about my current project I'm planning (A3 TDI QUAT BMN). As it stands now I'm putting in a GT2260+shortmanifold+S3 fmic +4 bar MAP. If you could give me a price for it that would be great, Nick
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    S3 front shock absorber help

    I don't have an S3 but when I was looking for some for my car a TDI quat sline it was hard. You need to know what the colour dots are on the shcok, then it will be easier
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    Just my luck!! :( Smashed Sump

    Nope it didn't lose oil quickly its just the repairing agents have to work on serious worse case situations and can only use OEM new parts for any repair. Looking about it seems new warranted engines are available for around 1.6k
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    Just my luck!! :( Smashed Sump

    Thanks for your words of advice. Thing is if it was that 'easy' to see a wheel on the carriageway at night then I wouldn't be in this situation. But once again thank you for your advice and I guess you'd have to have been there to really value it. ;)
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    Just my luck!! :( Smashed Sump

    After many phone calls they have decided to write it off because the repairs would cost £6255!!! FULL new engine and the like grrrrr
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    Just my luck!! :( Smashed Sump Thanks for the replies. I was a big un. The crash repair garage will not be picking it up till tomorrow so I might call my garage and see what I can do. Don't wanna have my car...
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    Just my luck!! :( Smashed Sump

    People, Having had the pleasure of driving over a wheel on the motorway, I'm now left with what appears to be a cracked sump. :( I was slowing down after seeing a crash on the other carriageway only to drive into a wheel from this crash that wedged itself between my car and the ground. I was...
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    Thinking of selling my BE A3 for an .:R32

    Same car v R32 for 17 months??? R32!!
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    Best place for remapping yorkshire area [bad experiance with amd essex]

    Unicorn or R-tech Had a car mapped by both...
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    HELP!! A3 Quattro 170 TDI '07' Rear Shock???

    I know. Read up about them before fitting. Although I haven't found a picture of an A3 with just the Apex coils on. That S3 was the closest I found
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    HELP!! A3 Quattro 170 TDI '07' Rear Shock??? There you go... Backs with springs, fronts normal Look at here >>>> That's 30mm?!?!?