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    Revo + Milltek + Forge = RS3

    "bum-clenching, stomach-churning, scrotum-tightening fist in the face old school smack of power" thats a d@mn good saying :yahoo:
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    A catasrophy with my new baby A3

    So i got the 170 tdi that I wrote already about - pics are coming up as soon as I manage! Had some computer/net problems for the last 2 weeks.....Got thw car about 12 days ago.... So listen to the shitstor that happened yesterday! I was going on long voyage, I pack the car, clean it, start it...
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    My new car

    as soon as I get it :)
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    My new car

    Thanks Mcm :) No stevec, I pack my own gear with me, but you get a extra big special trunk for all the weapons :rockwoot:
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    My new car

    I test dorve a 170 tdi A4 and it goes like CRAZY :wtf:, plus I was very pleasantly suprised by the engine sound inside the car - a very sportys sound (for a diesel :applaus:)
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    My new car

    wel - I've been posting a lot of questions, always wanted an audi (I just LOVE the interiours :hubbahubba:), was looking into the s3, but I couldn't afford the gas since I travel too much....... Then other possibilities came into play,, blah, blah, c klass, bmw diesel, passat, eos.... BUT...
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    My Install

    looks hot bet it sounds even hotter! I guess it look great at night
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    20 mm spacers

    ok thanks guys
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    20 mm spacers

    Looks better IMO, especially from the rear, but I don't know if 20 mm would be too much...
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    My new S3 with pics

    drool drool I think I'm gonna dehydrate :)
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    beautifull :anbet:
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    Tyre Question - Advice Please

    How are the basic conti tyres that some with the car (I'm getting the 225/45/17)?Any good?
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    Tyre Question - Advice Please

    F1's or toyos bro :)
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    20 mm spacers

    I dunno what you guys call it - we call it distancers - you know what I mean? I have (will have :)) an s line, so a 20 mm lower suspension, 17 inch rims 225/45 tyres, all fitted in audi, will these spacers fit? Any rubbing or whatever? How much would you recommend? I'm not planning on dropping...