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    How I got stage 1 power (245hp) on stock software for £20

    Ok so as I'm reading that it is NOT a simple diode infact not a diode at all... It to me sounds like a transistor, this WILL cap a voltage or regulate it Please someone correct me if I'm wrong A diode will give you all or nothing, no regulation Don't know where 'Zener' comes it to it, the...
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    How I got stage 1 power (245hp) on stock software for £20

    Still fail to see how a simple diode makes this possible... A diode is an electronic one way valve that obviously lets voltage & current flow one way and not the other. Can't see how it limits a voltage, if you put too much voltage or current through a diode it will overheat and burn out Please...
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    Removing Tints

    Peal it off & you are left (normally) with the sticky residue, clean that off with soapy water & a single edge blade with very light pressure or you can use a very fine wire wool. Washing up liquid in a spray bottle works best, forget harsh chemicals they are not needed However if you remove...
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    Petrol In My Audi A3 Diesel Then Drove 205 Miles??

    Sounds like you may need to rebuild your fuel pump (tandem/lift pump) Petrol doesn't have the lubrication that diesel has and it dries out the pump & rots the seals on pump & possibly injectors I would get the pump checked at least, change the fuel filter, check/replace oil & filter (it could...
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    Show Us Your Beading Shots

    Just had to put this one in! Was shortly after a clean & wax with Collinite 476s Had to get the macro lens on it to get the flake pop :) 100% zoom
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    How To Get More Power ? Any Ideas ? Bkd Owners

    I struggle for traction at stage 1 :confused: BKD/fwd If it's even slightly damp I don't even bother picking up the keys! New tyres me thinks
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    Drivers Window One Touch Not Working

    Mine is the other way round, goes down on one touch but not up I know what's wrong with mine, one of the side 'pivot' pins on the switch has broken so when lifted it lifts at an angle and doesn't contact the second set of contacts inside the switch. There are 4 stages of contacts inside each...
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    Please Help Problem After Problem 2.0 Tdi Bkd Engine

    Ok so engine hydro locked with oil, you said you've had a full head rebuild before the lock, but have you rebuilt/stripped down the bottom end since? Engine should be pulled apart if it's been hydro locked, could of bent a con rod or damaged pistons
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    Remap On 100,000 Miles?

    @shadow1993 The coil light doubles up as the engine management light... It may have nothing to do with the glow plugs ;) By all means change them and it may fix your problem, for the sake of £30-£40 I changed mine when I got it anyway But I still think you'd be better off getting a scan done...
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    Ooohhh A New Look To The Forum

    It'll grow on me but not fussed with the new look ATM Jumps around for a few seconds after clicking on threads on iPad & staring at white background is doing my eyeballs in :blink: Thanks for all your hard work though!
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    Remap On 100,000 Miles?

    Had mine remapped on nearly 120k, TDI though but as said if all the service boxes are ticked you shouldn't have problems. Clutch could give up at anytime really even on low mileage so make sure you budget for a new one (at 100k if original it's done well!) shadow1993, you need to get your...
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    A3 2.0 TDI 140 DTC P3103 V157 - Motor Intake Manifold Flap now wont start at all

    Diesels don't have throttle bodies, we had this discussion other week! Lol! The Manifold Flap is open all the time the engine is running, closed only at shutdown to 'help' with shuddering also as an emergency stop in the event of a 'run a way' As said above its likely this is closed and not...
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    Diagnostic test

    Rear ABS rings are built into the wheel bearings, I've had to have one changed. Not sure on the fronts though
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    Diagnostic test

    Sounds like ABS sensor/ring fault tbh but you'll need it scanning to find the fault (as you where asking in the first place!)
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    Diagnostic test

    Turn the steering all the way to one side, hold it for a bit then turn all the way to the other side and hold again - you don't need to be moving for this bit Aka 'full lock'