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    Dont think the quattro system will help today

    He stopped. Guess you really have to be an **** of major proportions to run away from the scene of such an accident. Maybe drunk was not the right word. Intoxicated / high / dizzy might be the better description. I'm not too sure if it was the shock from the event or maybe he was really under...
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    Dont think the quattro system will help today

    I used to feel that way, until the day some really old (and worthless) car hit me from the back and the insurance is paying in full for all my parts to be replaced (not repaired). Even a slightly dented rear hatch. The total repair bill was nearly 2X the market value of his car. For what it's...
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    AP Racing brake kit turning black?

    Yea, I managed to boil the fluid during the final session. That's my fault though, as I have not performed a full flush since january. Dont think it's a pad or disc overheating issue as the pedal just went soft and I had to pump it multiple times to even slow down. Scared the nuts out of me...
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    AP Racing brake kit turning black?

    Hello, Not sure if there are still any familiar faces around, havent been browsing AS alot. Mainly due to the new workload, new beloved (or not), and possibly the new website theme which i find quite hard to get used to. Anyways, my AP BBK on the S3 is turning black on some parts, a sort of...
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    Big brake options

    On my AP disc, they reused the flat-head torq screw that holds the stock disc. It's just there to hold the disc in position so it doesnt fall off when the caliper is removed, i think.
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    Big brake options

    Sometimes sponsorship can do wonders for publicity. Time attack cars just need to go balls out for one lap after the warmup? Not the best series to display braking prowess imho. Just like drift cars with trick brake setups, what's the point? Circuit race-cars are another matter...especially...
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    From your question of "how long would pad material last on the disc", dare I say you did not really finish reading the paper, or did you just not understand? There is always pad material on the brake discs. Here's a brief rundown. The paper is suggesting that if it's just uneven pad deposits...
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    t&biskits, 1) Cool it with the caps lock thing, it's counter-intuitive if you want people to read your post and give you decent replies. 2) I had that issue once, coming off a trackday, had some vibration while braking-hard, but turns out it's just pad material stuck onto the disc. It only...
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    Bang & Olufsen in an A3

    All these in-car hifi stuff does sound nice and all, being stationary in the car that's been through some overkill soundproofing. However, once the vehicle is on the move, I'm too cheap to accept the road/wind/traffic noise after paying so much for them. Imho, no fancy electronics are going to...
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    Big brake options

    I've more brakes than I need with my AP 4pot kit with Ferodo DS2500 pads, and even that has a smaller disc size than the stock S3 iirc. Speaking of "gorgeous" street based kits, I still think the current lineup of Brembo Gran Turismo or Alcon Advantage are the prettiest looking of the bunch...
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    New wheels fitted

    And we are happy for you too! YAY for new wheels...I'd like to think of it as buying nice shoes for my girl.
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    Car people who knows too much.

    Lol...had to revive this thread. So I was chatting up boobie girl again (not for cars, but just finding an excuse to talk to chicks), and behold! she got herself a Nissan S15. I'll usually be glad if any friend of mine got a sweet car like that, but this couple is just over the top. For the...
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    Cold Calling Telesales(again)

    Best prank on a telemarketer by an american comedian imho. Listen and learn.
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    What a C**k

    That sounds so wrong...though I'd be interested to meet chicks with "rude little butts", pretty sure it would be life altering.
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    All the more reason to get the TT.