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    Recall in the states

    Does anyone have a photo of this trim? Does it affect everyone or only those who have B&O systems?
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    Door Puddle Lights

    Do you have a link to the eBay ones?
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    Door Puddle Lights

    Anyone tried these?
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    1.4 MPG Dissapointing

    I've hit 40mpg in my 2.0 TFSI driving mainly in normal Drive mode, but also sporadically in Dynamic with local driving. Pretty impressed considering it's a petrol engine so far and only 200 miles on the clock.
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    Audi Sound System - lack of bass

    I did the same too and it's improved it. Hoping Audi release a software update in the near future which rectifies the issue though! Would be good to listen to DAB with the same equiliser settings as my phone amp app.
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    Audi Sound System - lack of bass

    I did try this, but it sounds almost mono - the bass does improve but it's still a far cry from previous. Will probably need to get used to it. I can always adjust the levels on my phone if I'm streaming a playlist so there's always that.
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    Audi Sound System - lack of bass

    Perhaps that explains why it isn't so loud in the driver's seat as it's so far back. You would have assumed directing the balance would increase this rear volume so it can be heard in the front - but it's still a faint bassline compared to my previous car without a dedicated sub.
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    What is your best feature on the Audi A4

    The speed at which the internal cabin is heated.
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    Cup holder ashtray.

    It's a bit of practicality - means your loose change doesn't fly around in the arm rest.
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    Cup holder ashtray.

    That's an insane price for a bit of plastic moulding.
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    Audi Sound System - lack of bass

    I can understand it would be a downgrade from having a car previously with a subwoofer - but I've come from a car with no sub and the basic sound system and find the 'upgraded' 10 speaker *** system to be in actual fact a downgrade. Tried a few different sources and it's still the same - but...
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    Audi Sound System - lack of bass

    Have maxed the Bass and Treble on the Sound settings as on all previous cars to provide a fuller sound - but the Audi Sound System (***) :blink: doesn't seem to give the same richness in sound that my bog standard A3 SE had. Any recommendations, or do the speakers need 'bedding in'?
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    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    Lovely pics - Those alloys suit the black colour really well. Just received my car yesterday and will post the pics up later :)
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    Carbon Fibre Bling...

    Posted something similar in another thread Still can't stop watching that video. :wub::hearteyes::hearteyecat::greyrs4:
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    Audi A4/S4 Modification help

    It is.... especially on a darker body-colour like Daytona or Black. The Carbon really suits those colours better IMO.