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    Magnet ride suspension?

    Bell Classics in St Albans refurb the things too. I called them to check. £460 per corner. A bit more if they take them off the car but they'll need it for a week. Other way is to get them taken off and then post.
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    Question re mapping

    Evening all I'm wondering a bit about whether to have my R8's mapped. If anyone has had it done, what's the attitude of Audi (in the UK) to support and servicing afterwards? Will they carry on as normal or do they tell you to never darken their door again? Or something inbetween? Many thanks...
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    Show us your R8

    Lol... I fell so much in love with that V8 I've now got a V10... Happily both manuals :) BobG
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    Aftermarket R8 exhausts

    Ha ha!! Right. I will. Many thanks indeed :) BobG
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    Aftermarket R8 exhausts

    Many thanks DJA. I've had a look. They do look interesting, but unless I'm being dim (which is quite possible) they don't do any exhausts at all for V8 R8's. V10 only. BobG
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    Aftermarket R8 exhausts

    Afternoon everyone If this is a repeat, my apologies. I did do a search and didn't find anything so I hope this is ok. I have a 2012 430bhp manual V8. I've kinda got a small bee in my bonnet about maybe swapping out the exhaust. I've looked at various manufacturer sites of course but I'm...
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    207/8 R8?

    Go for a manual. The auto wasn't very good back then. Jerky and expensive if it goes wrong. And manual is the right thing to do anyway! Cheers BobG
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    Show us your R8

    Thank you. It's getting cruise control and engine bay lighting added next week too :) BobG
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    Throwing an R8 round Rockingham...

    I did an 150 quid day at that track near Loughborough courtesy of my son. Nice - but not much cop tbh. Just a few laps pootling round with an instructor in the passenger seat saying 'Back off' and 'Brake now' all the time. No teaching involved at all and no high speed either. So don't go for the...
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    Show us your R8

    Hi After a lifetime of loving Alfa's, I've bought a big boys car. And boy oh boy! It's a big step up even from the 'fun car' 350Z I used as my occasional speed fix. I don't understand all the controls yet never mind how to drive the thing properly, but I think learning is going to be good fun...