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    Nig's S3 + Mods

    339bhp! epic! thats a massive increase!
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    Northwest Meet 31st Oct 2010

    ill be there too :) 8p s3
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    £189 for an oil service? What has the world come to??

    Damn 190 quid! fail! al to get a book stamped....
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    Where do I stand....

    its not within manufactures warraanty (when new) its with the 2nd hand warranty which is 12 months anyway
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    Where do I stand....

    Bolton Audi is local to me, I have never had a problem before with buying cars from 1 dealer and taking it to another before. Plus car is past the 30 day exchange program :(
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    Where do I stand....

    Ok basically bought a S3 from Manchester Audi, had a few issues when I bought the car main one being they sold me the car with 2mm left on the pads (front and rear) and scored discs. They changed them, sorted! Went to Bolton Audi and had 3 problems: 1) Sounds like the clutch release bearing...
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    yoko parada 2s contis and more...

    I have PS3s on mine and had the Parada Spec 2s on my Cooper S. Very good and sticky in the dry but a nightmare in the wet!
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    TTRS with a twist !!

    hahaha niiiice, not! :)
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    Nearly happy!

    seriosly awesome wheels there mate, matches the car perfectly!
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    ill take the sub box and sub....
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    Disconnecting Battery S3

    So is it going to cause me any issues if I disconnect the battery for a an hour with any codes or anything?
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    Brave colour choice - S3

    ummmm not my cup of tea!
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    removing interior trim panel

    i was just searching for this too! anyone know how to remove the rear trim in the boot? cant find clips anywhere!
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    My front upgraded DIY style

    imo do the badge too but it looks spot on atm!