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    New thermostat but no hot air

    This common situation can be easily avoided when filling with new coolant On the B7. Unscrew the expansion tank from its mount, unclip the level sensor and raise the tank as high as you can whilst slowly filling. This method ensures the highest point on the system is the expansion tank. I...
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    seat belt occupancy sensor,

    I’ve recently completed this mod and had the same issue, the half leather was from a B6 in to mine which is B7. I transferred the seat belt holders from my stock s-line seats as they are wired on b7 but not on B6. I also transferred the seat pad sensor from the passenger seat. lights went...
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    New master cylinder fitted , very soft pedal to floor

    I feel your stress! I had this last week on exactly same spec as your car. I replaced all four brake flexis on my Avant along with new cunifer tails on the front calipers and a joint to make on a seized union on the rear. All went quite well until bleeding the brakes. Used a pressure bleeder on...
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    Door warning lights retro fit not working

    I don’t know whether this is linked or not but when I retrofitted mine to my Avant the door lights worked but the mirror control ceased working! For some reason on mine where the earth pins were shared in the plug this happened but when earthed away from the pin everything worked! Might be...
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    Cruise control & DIS install issues

    Obviously not wanting the help offered then......
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    Cruise control & DIS install issues

    Bring it around here I’m in Leeds, I retrofitted both cruise and Washer level on mine.
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    S Line Suspension 'Oddities' ?

    I replaced my front full set of arms earlier this year and the only thing different with the s line was the track rod ends to standard which comes in the kit. Good luck with the pinch bolts by the way!
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    Aircon Issues

    My compressor was totally wasted, I tested it off the car and the clutch just made the faintest click when 12v was applied. On replacement of the compressor I regassed the system and everything fired in to life. One thing for certain, you have a deffo fault if the econ light doesn’t switch off.
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    Aircon Issues

    Recently repaired mine, had to do the compressor, pressure switch and condenser. I understood it if the compressor is faulty the fan doesn’t kick in, mine didn’t until I’d replaced the compressor.
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    Audi part number

    Why not use a fuse piggy dash cam kit. Cost around £10, for the full kit.
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    AC/Evaporator drain off.

    It would have been a couple of weeks ago!
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    AC/Evaporator drain off.

    I’ve got this too after a full A\C refurb. I’ve bombed it on recirc but still have a smell. I’ve not noticed any run off under the car either when in use which should be happening.
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    A\C & Cooling fan

    Dodgy wiring plug on the A\C compressor.
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    A\C & Cooling fan

    Now sorted.
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    A\C & Cooling fan

    Am I correct in thinking the a/c does not engage if the fan module is faulty? I have replaced the compressor, condenser, Pressure sensor and regassed the system. There are no leaks and the Econ light now stays off. I can get the fan to work via VCDS with output test in the engine module but...