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    what's this rockford rosgate head unit like???

    DAB is awesome if you listen to the radio, pointless if you dont!!! why the need for high, or "good" voltage on the preouts? Any decent amp wont be too bothered recieving a signal of about 0.8v or more.
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    Phoenix Gold RCA Group buy (poss)

    i`m just looking to guage a bit of interest really. Anything from the phoenix gold sites (home or car audio) i should be able to get you a price on before the end of this month. do let me know if your interested! cheers Ross
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    MP3's. I'm an idiot someone help me!

    i hate to bust up the mac v windows party (mac's are pants btw ), can you not just copy your favorite 10 albums onto one data CD as MP3s and use that in your car, i`m sure the Alpine unit can play mp3 cd's and how much does blank CD cost.... 3-4p??? how much does an Ipod thats more fragile...
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    Sky abroad

    has anyone got any experience with picking up channels from other satellites?? i`m forever seeing dishes pointed over towards the middle east and cant help feeling jealous they are watching live prem games at 3pm on a saturday!!!!!
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    The budget

    music to my ears lads.... =D if you can afford £30+ on some stupidly over sized leather clad tractor, dont you dare cry about an extra £40 a YEAR on tax when your fuel bill for 2 DAYS is probably less!! half the school run mums in my local village have these sodding things, "its safer to take...
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    HD on SKY

    i think if you call sky you can blag a sky+ box for cheap (about £40), NO extra subscription a month and might even be able to get half price subscription for 3 months!!! as for the HD tv nonsense, you`ll need to pay extra for the channels no doubt + will need an HD ready TV. as for the...
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    Front mounting an amplifier

    [ QUOTE ] if you do fit it in the glovebox, think about fitting the 'cooled glovebox' theres a how-to on another audi website somewheres [/ QUOTE ] i think thats only do'able in the B6 as there is an option for this from the dealers. If its possible on the B5 i may well give it a go. Anyone...
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    Litterally wrapped round a tree.

    wheres all the glass???
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    Aftermarket HU that matches Audi dashboard

    i was gonna get a CD400 in my A4 til i saw the build quality on nak HUs and the fact the preouts look like that are attached on a single strand of copper....... delicate stuff aint a great look!!! i went with the becker...... so far NO one has noticed its not a factory unit, i`m trying to find...
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    Weitec / KW coilover quality

    Anyone running either of these brands, specifically the Weitec..... i`m curious to quality cos of the cheap prices!!
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    Front mounting an amplifier

    I`m just totally against running speaker cables that far, seems stupid to have to go out and get 20od meters of speaker cable and a 6m RCA when everything i want is up the front end!! Is there any room behind the glovebox at all?? I was toying around with the idea of getting a second glovebox...
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    Front mounting an amplifier

    I recently purchased an Audison SR-2 amp to run some components i've just fitted. Problem is placement!! it will fit inside my glovebox, but at a completely stupid angle which is of no use to me. Has anyone done anything like this before, and if so, any advice?? Cheers
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    Gonna get new wheels.

    i like the rial so much, i was also thinking of ordering a set..... never found em for less than £1000 over here tho!! the RS6's with a twist....... did you spot a pic of a set that were sprayed up in an anthracite colour??
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    New Stereo Woes

    and as i went to have a fiddle with it today.... all was working!!!!! rather odd but never the less i`m a rather happy bunny now!!! heres some night shots which really show off the blending in with the OEM style i`m after!!! Day time shots what happened when i dropped the screws from the...
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    New Stereo Woes

    So i made myself a new wiring harness which connects the switched to the perm feed and vice versa, however i seem to be back where i started, as now the stereo doesn`t turn on and off with the key, i have to do it manually on the head unit again, which also means that my battery will be flat...