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    Dashcam Installation
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    which obd adapter
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    ODB port location

    Just noticed that car is not a 2019
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    ODB port location

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    A1 Hidden Extra's through VCDS

    What about autolock at 15mph
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    A1 Hidden Extra's through VCDS

    Thats odd I done it with OBD eleven mine is a 17 plate
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    A1 Hidden Extra's through VCDS

    Needle sweep
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    New A1

    The new A1 looks goood as we had a look at one the other day but rear leg room is non existent if the front seats are back
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    New A1

    I am looking at a Polo GTI+
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    Dashcam install

    Read this its for an A1 though
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    A1 Self leveling headlights

    check here it may help
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    Skoda Yeti RS 2.5tfsi

    The old girl ran on the RR at Surrey Rolling Road and it managed 723bhp
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    Newbie from central scotland

    Welcome mate
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    Newbie from Edinburgh

    I thought it was there I am just up in Tranent
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    Newbie from Edinburgh

    Hi mate welcome where was that last photo taken