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    B6 A4 window driving me nuts

    As goodwood says, check wiring inside rubber boot at door hinge. Thats what happened mine....:thumbs up:
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    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    Pm me how much u want mate.... Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    Hi Mate, where did you get your honeycomb upper front bonnet grille, i'm looking one for mine..
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    Electrical help please

    Did you get sorted mate.... I had same problem before... had to get a ccm with the exact same number on it... tried 1 with a different suffix but didn't work got 1 from a breaker luckily... they can look okay but just go faulty [emoji852] Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Hazard lights & central locking

    Hi folks.... after a long issue with my 1.9tdi not starting (New battery faulty)... I've got my original problem with hazard lights flashing intermittently. Fitted a new hazard switch on dash about 2 years ago. Question is does the switch have a relay built into it or is it somewhere else in car...
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    1.9tdi Not Starting

    Glad you are sorted..... my tdi wont start at all.... just read the link you provided & all i get when i turn the key is an amber triangle with circle light. I fitted a new oem brake switch before all my problems started. Could this be a likely cause????
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    Not starting after Battery change.

    Hi Joinerman. Just tried your method. It gave me more lights on dash like normal startup but no ignition. So tried it again & now light is back to original ESP only. Still no joy but thanks for input. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Not starting after Battery change.

    Thanks DieselJake. My dash lights were flickering mad when ignition first turned on. Wondering if anyone knows if this is a symptom of module. I've already replaced the module a few years back. Going to have to get a mechanic out to scan it. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Not starting after Battery change.

    Hi folks. My A4 has been garaged for past 12 months with the occasional short spin just to keep things ticking over. My battery drained eventually & i charged it. Had hazard lights flickering problem when reconnected battery (In right order) engine started okay. Battery drained again from hazard...
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    Bigred #2

    That is 1 nice motor....
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    Which a4 to buy?!

    Bose was already in my Sport...great sound. Changed Gearbox oil shortly after getting mine, can be a bit troublesome reading from the guys on here but no problems at all so far (touch wood). Very tuneable 1.9s & handling great.
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    Can't wait to see this of luck with it...
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    Which a4 to buy?!

    1.9 Quattro all day long...wont change mine for the world..
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    Greeny's New Motor

    I see its ms design on it aswell ...wonder if they still sell or make vortex front spoiler..anyone know?
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    New Servo but brakes still wooden

    I had already changed out brake servo + hoses..figured for the price of a gasket 5 or 6 quid would try it before changing pump. No pressure test, i'm not a got lucky mate...