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    2008 2.0tdi a4 cab misfire

    Hi Stu, yours is a B7 Chassis. Maybe worth posting in the B7 section. They dont do a B8 cabrio as far as I know, i think they carried on using the B7 shape until 2009 for the cab.
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    Advice on purchasing A5 Tdi 2.7-3.0 automatic

    Hi guys, Im looking to upgrade (in 6-12 months) from my A4 B7 2.0tdi 170ps manual to a A5 TDI auto. Im looking at the V6 TDI in both 2.7 and 3.0 but have some questions. Ive heard only good things about the 3.0tdi quattro as it has a strong box and awesome engine. But how is the 2.7 as the...
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    Gearshift indicator

    I tried this on my 2.0tdi 170ps and it didn't work. I 17-instruments. Block 60 and added 2 as per the instructions. I got a fault code in 17-instruments to do with some transmission module or something so I guess it's not supported.
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    To do or not to do that is the question/ Prod recall Injectors?

    Well no afaik they will open it up and check the P/N on the injectors themselves. If they are deemed to be part of the faulty lot then they will be replaced. AFAIK there is nothing they can tell with VAS as the defect is either there or not. IMO you should get them checked. As a safety issue...
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    To do or not to do that is the question/ Prod recall Injectors?

    If you have a 2.0tdi 170 then yes take it in and get all the injectors replaced. It is a safety risk. How are they going to rob you. If they report any other chargeable issues take the notes and go elsewhere.
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    MPG Help!

    Im pretty sure its 63 for the quattro and 70 for the fwd .... someone can confirm though
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    Another 170 or 140 thread

    My 170 FWD does 30 average on town driving (in london). Easily drops to 25 on a very bad day. I got 43 yesterday taking it easy with no traffic. Very rare though.
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    Yep northernlight is right.... i think its a percentage iirc
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    Visual Tyre Size Calculator | Kouki Tech Although i imagine its only affected by the front wheel tyre size.
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    FITTING MY NEW PRESSED PLATES........................

    You can buy the tape which will hold it on very strong. i gues halfords. My old plastic ones on my old car were held on with the numberplate tape and i snapped the plate getting them off
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    Unlock boot button on key fob

    Should also work with the remote if you hold unlock/lock it opens/closes the windows. Sometimes its not activated and needs to be configured using VCDS to do it.
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    Tdi170 remap?

    LOL 140bhp to 400bhp funny
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    Paint/Vehicle Info Sticker

    Yep VW Group Option Codes Decoder Put your codes into that and it will tell you what it came with from factory
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    Just had the 2.0TDI 170PD injectors replaced by Audi

    AFAIK its all 170 models. Just call them with your Reg/vin. I wouldnt leave them to contact you. Call them.
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    Limp mode

    They will replace your injectors and loom F.O.C. regardless of if you bought private or not. This needs to be done for safety reasons so get it done. If this was your problem then yes it will fix your car. If not then it could be some other problem