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    RS Grille on s5

    Did you sort one mate? I've just stripped my A5 down as it's going back to Audi and have the RS5 style grill for sale, it's a gloss black one, the only thing I would suggest is potentially changing the Audi rings to a new set but that's more my OCD. You can have mine for £100 + postage if any good.
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    PCP coming to an end...decisions

    Seems like you had the same situation as me mate, mine currently owes £20k on the PCP but the value is so low even on small mileage - 23,000 miles on a 2.0 TDI S Line edition is getting me back offers of around £16k which puts me £4k in the negative. Sounds like the deal was way too good to be...
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    My A5 Small improvements

    You'll have to alter the crash bar foam mate, I ordered a second one and got it cut to fit, wasn't much and fairly simple with a Dremel!
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    Audi S5 B9 Soundakor?!

    Is it the Diesel one? if so I know that's had a few artificial sounds added
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    For Sale Audi RS5 Gloss Black Rear Boot Lid Spoiler (Fits A5 / S5) - 2017 onwards

    Here for sale is my Audi RS5 Gloss Black Rear Boot Lid Spoiler, cost me approx £300 from Audi in Germany two years ago and has been on my A5 Coupe since. Removed due to the vehicle being sold, this has been put on the car twice using 3M bonding and tape with no issues, plenty of miles and...
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    My A5 Small improvements

    £400 for the inlays and £150 for the spoiler bud.
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    My A5 Small improvements

    With everything that's gone on this year my A5 is going back in the next few months and the strip down to standard has started. Those who have seen my progress updates and bits added to the thread may be interested. I've got the following up for grabs if they are of any interest; OEM 19 S5...
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    Any brand new B9.5 facelift 2020 A5/S5 owners around?

    Yeah but you can tell, it looks different for a start bud, has a different bonnet, bumper, grille and interior ;)...
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    Any brand new B9.5 facelift 2020 A5/S5 owners around?

    You can find them on some of the big groups bud, I've seen some on Marshalls, Jardine, Motorline etc
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    Opinions on Wrap Colour

    I feel sorry for my car, it's done 350 miles in 5 months now! Doesn't stop me cleaning it every other week though haha. How have you found the cleaning Adam?
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    For Sale Audi A5 TDI (2017) - Satin Green Wrapped, S5 Wheels + More

    Hi all, I have made the tough decision to let my car go as WFH is becoming normal for me and with my commute dropping down this is sadly not getting the love and usage it deserves. Audi A5 - 2.0 TDi - Originally finished in Mythos Black Metallic - 21,800 miles 1 Owner from new, full Audi...
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    Audi money pot

    Bought mine on eBay for £15, massive gimmick tbh but meh!
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    My A5 Small improvements

    It was a wrap, in 3m matte dark grey, it's come off now after someone hit me at Christmas. It's pretty much the Daytona grey matte Audi did on the RS6 Avant.