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    Why did audi make it expensive to get decent power?

    Good call, Why spend 3-4k on mods when you could have an S4 :laugh:
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    Some pics before it goes...

    I believe it is :) is that better?? lol Say to the guy you'll swap for his Porsche! Unless.. Which Porsche is it? haha
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    Power fold mirrors

    I do not copy! lol I thought about getting some folding mirrors, but then found out how expensive they are :(
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    Some pics before it goes...

    I'll be round Sunday night now, seeing my opponent! lol If you need any help (but i'm sure your all sorted) on Sunday, let me know :) Hope you get it tbh, seems like a steal.. I'll be in talks about the full cruise control set up..
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    Some pics before it goes...

    Now i have no Audi friends in Grimsby :( lol, Nice to see you got an amazing price though, but you'll have plenty of spares you need getting rid of hehe.. See you round soon?
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    Wanted-- RS4 B5 Parts for 500BHP S4 Project

    I don't know whether you'd get the magic 500hp on K04's? Not sure though..
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    Just thought i'd leave this here..

    Pretty bad tbh.. Every boy racer at the lights, every Diesel 5 series on the motorway.. :( I hated it, but loved proving the wifey wrong! Plus i couldn't afford to put more in, so made it last..
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    Just thought i'd leave this here..

    Worked out I got 35mpg! Is that claimed by audi? lol I wonder what its going to be next time.. half?
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    Just thought i'd leave this here..

    Yee, i always reset mine and only managed about 300 max when first got it.. But i did like to drive it fast back then... When i filled mine up from way below zero i could only manage 52 ltrs.. and its a 62ltr tank no? I dont think i'll ever do this again, it was a 'so there' to the mrs...
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    Just thought i'd leave this here..

    Yee, i drive like Miss Daisy.. I wanted to prove to my mrs that i could make a tank last at least 3 weeks.. I did it and now i'm 'allowed' to put some more in lol Dis says average is 20.1, but it used to say 15.7 when i bought it about 2 months ago!
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    Just thought i'd leave this here..

    1 full tank. And i'm not empty yet..
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    S4 Exhaust Manifolds - wanted.... Facelift...
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    eBay Manifolds

    Job done, thanks. I will not buy.
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    eBay Manifolds Are these actually worth buying..? I've seen alot go for around this price and just wondered, along with people reccomending the...
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    Tyres Problem

    If i was you i'd wait for a decent tyre to pop up on ebay.. Your budget is £70 right? and its an 225/40/18 your after? - I'd watch this one for a day! But search around on...