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  • Looking to have my 8l s3 remapped and new brake disks and pads and serviced. How much would you guys charge for everything to be done in one visit?
    Hello Andy,

    Unfortunatley we are not the soul importer into the UK and inturn we do not get a very good discount on these. The price on our site is massivly out of date. The only place you will get a good price from is the TT shop.

    Hope this helps

    Hi Ben - you may remember me (Andy Booth - but Iggu on here - from Manchester with the Black S3 you have done a lot of work on in the past). On this site we are looking to get a Group Buy going for the Gen II Haldex Controller units. I'm pushing everyone towards AmD - cheaper and trustworthy (as I know). Could you sort out a price if we were to get say 5 or 10 people to commit to buying please. Post a reply into this thread if possible:
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