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    I want this grille

    Front number plate goes where?
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    Sunroof rattle

    Had a rattle in my sunroof a while back. If it's the same problem I had, Audi said it was a 'common' and 'known' fault that they dealt with if/when it arose. My rattle was towards the rear of the sunroof, along the edge. Sometimes it was more of an annoying 'flutter' than a rattle. It was...
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    Air Con condenser - design fault??

    People find love in the strangest places - can I be Best Man?!!
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    Recall: Replace fuel return line ?

    Hello Rich, A few of us (myself included) have had the 45D3 update done now, but this is first I've heard of the fuel line being replaced. My paperwork doesn't mention it. It's probably just your own car had a problem which they spotted and sorted while it was there. Cheers, Paul.
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    Software Update 2.0TDI

    I've had two software updates done so far. First one was in December and was to do with the reach of the xenon headlights. the second one was about a month ago, and as stated above by Squiretolley and Oufc1976, it was for the handbrake. Dunno if the digital service book update was included in...
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    Rear Light Glass Question

    The fly in my light has finally gone! I took my car in on Monday for some other matter, but the 'rear light invertebrate' was also on the list to be done. Apparently, just like my effort - the Audi mechanic couldn't suck the little blighter out with a vacuum either. He finally had to remove...
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    Recall 90H6 - any info?

    If you get the chance, could you post a pic of your new display Selar? Cheers, Paul
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    CD holder

    May look into one of these myself, possibly in a darker finish to compliment my darker interior. Very, very nice! Cheers, Paul.
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    CD holder

    Was thinking of doing something similar to this myself. I'm finding that with my S-Line suspension and the current state of the roads around here, my gramophone setup is continuously jumping between tracks. Plus, it's distracting having to wind the thing every few minutes. Trip to the dealers...
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    key fob range

    I've managed 100m in the cark park of local supermarket. Reckon someone on here can easily beat that one, but it's the only one I've tested so far! (Anorak off - back to work!) Paul.
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    Auto Dimming mirror is it just me?

    I've not got privacy glass and my mirror works well. As others say above, all the headrests are down low. However, could it also be the height of the driver/angle of the mirror that causes problems? I am well over six foot tall and consequently my rear view mirror is set quite high. Would...
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    Recall on park brake problem

    Mine had a software update done on Monday, while it was in for something else (a fly in the light cluster!). Dunno what the update was for this time, but the paperwork says 'Service Campaign 45D3'. It's the second update my car has had since June last year - the first was to do with the reach...
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    8V convertible

    Got some photos done last December - lovely car!
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    Rear Light Glass Question

    I reckon the fly in my light has decomposed about as much as it's going to. Because it's sealed in and wedged into bottom edge, there's nothing to break up what's left (movement or draughts etc). I reckon that unless it's removed, or the unit is replaced, it's little skeleton is gonna sit there...
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    folding mirrors

    Folding mirrors are a definite necessity down here in Cornwall, especially around the country lanes. During the holidays ('silly season' as it's known), the place is full of tourists who either have no idea of their own car width, or cannot reverse when meeting on a narrow lane. I'm forever...