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    B9 S4 20-36k transmission oil change

    Morning all, When my B9 S4 was in for a service earlier this year the dealership mentioned that I should think about booking the transmission oil change which is due between 20-36k miles. At that point I wasn't even at 20 and it sounds like a pretty broad guideline for mileage so haven't done...
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    how's your car doing in this weather?

    S4 on Michelin Alpin 4s has been absolutely unstoppable, it's an impressive thing
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    Had a bad Audi week

    No particular question, just sharing a comically bad week where Audi is concerned... Have had an intermittent fault with my B9 S4 for a while now where the main cooling fans would come on and stay on full power even on a cold start, making the car sound like a taxiing aircraft all the time...
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    Simple DIY Sound System upgrade (pics)

    Pleased to say the car went into Basingstoke Audi today who were very good about it and fitted some sound dampening material to prevent the resonance. All back to normal again!
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    Simple DIY Sound System upgrade (pics)

    Brilliant - My B9 S4 with B&O has been vibrating worse and worse on certain songs and it is booked in for a service next week with this problem on the list of things to investigate. To date I hadn't been able to pinpoint exactly where in the dash the was vibrating. I tried out the Tone Gen app...
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    Winter Tyres - B9 S4

    Seems like lots of the tyre places are now offering a tyre hotel service for summer/winter tyre swaps so thinking about winter tyres as we get towards October/November. I live in the south east, so it's hardly remote or particularly cold but we do have a baby due in the middle of January and...
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    Fuel economy

    I completed a 400 mile round trip in my S4 last week, 90% motorway and sticking to the speed limit. Onboard computer was showing 43mpg, measured 36mpg using the full-to-full method at the petrol station.