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    Window treatment

    Get some Anglewax H2GO it’s probably the best windscreen sealant I’ve used if you don’t want to go full ceramic.
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    S1 - Just great on paper?

    Great post! Glad I read this!
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    Wheel sealant for winter use recommendation wanted

    Another fan of AngelWax Bilberry Wheel Sealant here. I grabbed a few bits in The Piston Works sale (and got a free HotWheels car!!) yesterday.
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    Looking for a weekend motor...

    Porsche Cayman or the Elise would be my choice. My second Cayman, and loving it
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    What do you do for a job?

    I rob money from old grannies
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    RS6 Signature

    Can't help, but I like it...very TVR!
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    Your other toys.... (Vehicles only)

    Love that GTi!! I have a similar retro 80s classic, although not VAG...
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Finally we can convert our Audi's into a Bentley's

    surely this is for converting Bentleys to Audis...either way it looks gash
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Purchasing tyres from the internet

    I bought my Michelin from Camskill and had them delivered straight to Lepsons whilst having the wheels refurbed, both companies were happy to let me do that and I saved on tyre fitting costs. Thats a thumbs up for both Camskill and Lepsons both really pleasant to deal with and helpful.
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    Horrific murder in SE London - suspected terror attack

    I have but daren't utter them on ASN. Poor kid is all i'll say, thoughts go out to his family.
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    Thatcher's dead...

    Its wearing a bit thin now fella. i.e not really very funny.