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  • Ok thats great!,sorry if im getting confused,im ok with cars just not turbos some engine parts!,there is some sort of sensor that cm off!,ok so shal i wait for you to contact me!,then send my turbo to you?,my number is 07947447384,might make it easyer!
    Um wel the only lambda hole is in the downpipe!,there is'nt any sensors in mani or turbo housing!
    It's (amk),ok thats great,so should be fine for march?,shal i send the turbo tuesday?thanks
    Altight!,um if thats ok i will go for that hybrid turbo!,without actuater for now!,just need the turbo for march really!,so whats the best way of doing it then,send you the turbo,and as you know my turbo housing is cracked!,whats your address ect!
    Hi, sounds as though it could be more hassle and work then its worth for you to use 03, would it be a better idea to hold out for 03s and then contact you then???
    would be great full if you kept ears open for a 03s that becomes available...
    Hi there, was just wondering if you got my last message at all????
    I am obtaining my turbo on Friday, so could talk more in detail after Xmas, if you are still interested that is!!!
    hello i have fitted the turbo and i think there is a big problem, the bearings are whinning, i did everthing properly, i primed it with oil before fitting. i dont really know wha to do
    Hi Andy.

    The rod as far as I'm aware shouldn't need moving or changing. As for the box, it was one I conincidently got sent some engine parts for my s3 in. The box that turbo came in was pretty crap and falling apart so thought I'd use something a bit better just happened to be that one. I'll have a read of the post on the rod, but I don't think you need to change anything.
    hello its andy, i just posted a question about the actuator rod, dont know if you know where it should be set. One other question, the box that it came in is a for a new k03s from borgwarner, is this just the box you got the used turbo in

    Totally understand. I reckon it's your best bet to get it fixed. And to be honest while it's a pain if you do it right you'll probably add value to the car especially if you stick some forged rods in.

    The guys name is Jordy. His number is 07923222024. He runs his own dismantlers. I've used him a lot, he's good. He'll sort you out and if you have any problems he's really good at sorting them out as well.

    Good luck, give me a shout if you need any more help.

    Cheers Dan,

    Idealy i don't want to sell it, the cars in good nick bar the recent problem, who do you know/ or where do you get your engines from ?

    Thanks mate

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