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Jan 21, 2017
Jan 27, 2010
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Well-Known Member, from Surrey

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Jan 21, 2017
    1. marko_pg
      Hi, I'm interested for your k300, can you send me mail or viber number in pp to arrange some details?
      Kind regards!
    2. Chris TQS
      Chris TQS
      Hi, I need my K03 upgrading. Can you help me out with a hybrid? Whats a hybrid cost?
    3. Shoomakan
      Hey Dan,

      Hope you're well. Wanted to see if you're willing to give me the flow rate of my K418t hybrid that's on my S3 1.8T. I was wondering what it was, and couldn't find this information online.

    4. s3coop
      Hi, you said to contact you about the k04-23 compressor housing.
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      2. s3coop
        Thats sound mate thanks, where do I contact.
        Dec 2, 2015
      3. beachbuggy
        Sales@beachbuggyturbo.co.uk or on Facebook is best..
        Dec 3, 2015
      4. s3coop
        I tried to phone but straight to voicemail and I dont have facebook.
        Dec 3, 2015
    5. woolley2021
      Hi mate I'm after a bit of info in regards to changing from current turbo to k04 - 064 ... what spec engine is needed ? I've currently got a big port head and inlet uprated bearings with I. E rods ... I think the valve train is standard ... What price on the adapter plate ?
    6. Gloves
      Hi Dan,

      Tried calling you but keep getting voicemail. Have sent a couple of emails as well but not had any reply. Could you drop me a note please to confirm the actuator has now been posted?

      Could you let me know what the tracking number is as well please so I can make sure someone is in when delivery is attempted.


    7. dusty
      Hi I've been trying to contact you regarding purchasing k418t hybrid could you give me a call on 07487830824 thanks Paul
    8. Lambo Exit
      Lambo Exit
      Cars ready for a hybrid at last. Whats the cost on the KO3 Hybrid now?
    9. smithy2609
      Hello mate bill told me your the man to speak to as I'm after some 630cc injectors. He said you do them at a gd price. Just wondering if you could contact me on 07985273222 as need them ASAP as cars booked in at badger for the 1st thanks jack
    10. mini-si
      Hi mate, I have recently brought a s3 from forum member andy (AJC) who told me you are the best man to speak to regarding a TFSI turbo upgrade for my 8l. Would if be possible to send me info and prices when you get chance please, I appreciate how busy you must be, but look forward to your response. Regards Simon
    11. MARC87
      Hi mate, im after some info on a ko4-001 actuator. Ive been told that on actuator pressure it should hold 6 psi solid through the rev range but mine starts at 6 and slowly drops to 4 by the end of the rev range. Should i adjust my actuator up more or is this normal? Also is it worth me changing the actuator?
    12. Adam P
      Adam P
      Hi mate, bill @ badger 5 has told me your the man for me to get an uprated actuator from for my ko4 s3 8l. Please can you give me a price posted to southampton? Tried to pm you but won't work for some reason.
      Look forward to hearing from you.
      Adam P
    13. martin_can
      Hi I am after one of your KO4 hybrid Turbos. Can you tell me how much and when can I have it thank you.
    14. Tony gold
      Tony gold
      Hi could you give me a price on turning my ko4 into a hybrid please
    15. jernjackson

      Im looking for a hybrid ko3 and been told your the man to see, tried contacting through facebook a few times without any luck. Just looking for some specs and a price on the k300 you do.

    16. hoffmanvp3
      hello Beach Buggy
      Im in the market for a new turbo kit for my Bam S3 and was advised in speaking to you regarding your TFSI turbo kit upgrade for my S3.
      Are these finished yet and have prices?

    17. slappy_dunbar
      Dan -- thank you for posting as you did into that vwvortex thread. You are not only a smart, but also honorable competitor. So I owe you one. And I think I have a way to repay you. Can you email me please? There's something I want to discuss with you regarding the thrust washer design you're using.

    18. daz-20vt
      Hi dan could you please pm me about rebuild for my k04. Thanks. Daz
    19. Willos
      Hi there just wondering about the prices of the actuator you do for a 1.8t aum golf mk4 thanks
    20. losing it.
      losing it.
      hi man,
      hows it going, i have some work for you and badger, i dont know what i want yet maybe you can throw some idea's at me.
      i had ;loads of mither with the so called specialist in stoke and hope you can help.?
      my turbo sounds like the one in the vid here i posted
      Turbo failing? - YouTube
      but not as loud its got about 12 k on it , also would this noise be caused by the oil feed pipe very loose and kink in the copper washer i lost alot of oil over the month ??
      hope you can help thanks Losing it..
    21. barlow S5
      barlow S5
      Hi Pal

      My actuator is ****ed so i have been told would i be best putting a forge ajustable one on or a standard one. i have an audi S3 with a K04 on it.

      Do you have to remove the turbo to get change the actuator?

      Can you hybrid my turbo and if so how much?

      Cheers mate
    22. turb0h0lic
      hi mate. i text you the other day about the turbo conversion K300. can you text me on 07854 276346. i'll have the money by next thursday at the latest so i could come up next saturday if thats ok with you? also do you have a spare ko3 lying around you could build ready or will you need mine?

      cheers Jay
    23. turb0h0lic

      i've been told to talk to you about ko3 hybrid conversions by Bill at Badger5. basically, i've got a ko3 and a ko3s lying around and i would like a ko3 hybrid. how much do you charge to do this conversion? you could have both and use the one thats best?

      if you could text me on 07854 276346 that would be great as im very rarely on here.

      cheers Jay
    24. boostjunkie
      hi there mate i've tried to pm you about a k04 hybrid build but you inbox must be full? could you help me out regards some part numbers and suppliers or do you have anything for sale? regards Rob 0772525219 robsgarage@live.co.uk
    25. Mpathe
      hi could you give me price for turning my k04 into a hybrid please as I'm taking the head off soon and want to get it done while its off, thanks mike
    26. bugwhizz
      Hi there fella
      i am interested in one of your BAM ecu's.
      my number is 07967346199.
      i'd like to have a quick chat about them, if you want me to ring you thats fine, just let me know your number.
      text me??
    27. Jay-20v-t
      Hi could you email me your number to jay-polson@hotmail.co.uk about a ko4 rebuild thanks
    28. A3 Dale
      A3 Dale
      Me again, have you got a good condidtion k03s lying around then and at what price? Also could you send me the price and turn around time if you were to repair my unit with bearings and seals etc? Cheers mate
    29. A3 Dale
      A3 Dale
      Cheers for the pm mate! I like the sound of the k04-001 style. Iv noticed youve made coatesys hybrid interested in that one also as it has had some good feedback! Whats the turn around time if i were to have a turbo from you providing my old unit after i fit yours to save my car off the road if you understand me lol. Cheers bud
    30. A3 Dale
      A3 Dale
      Hi mate. Noticed you have quite a few posts and classifieds on turbos. Are you able to throw turbos together or have any k03s's or hybrids for sale?
    31. smokiedee
      ur inbox is full so can't private message u no more but when would you be available. thank you for your help as well
    32. Nogmeister
      Did you end up selling her then mate?
    33. Nogmeister
      Yeah ok mate cool. Ive only recently bought mine and already have been bitten by the bug, thinking maybe buying into a higher horsepower is much likely to be cheaper than building it up. let me know if it goes tits up mate, in face im off my little Island at the weekend, maybe I could pop in sunday if its still about? Text me either way if thats cool? 07595 730754

      Cheers Dave
    34. Nogmeister
      Alright bud is that your s3 on pistonheads and eBay? I've just bought one but I can see myself sliding down a slippery slope of mods, so mulling over the idea of buying one that's had all the nice bits done already. Let me know anyway

    35. liquids3
      Yea ok if you could make one with the actuator as wel that would be great,his turbo has'nt done many miles so is good condition,if you could find one thats a good exchange that would be appresiated.thats great.Yea just pm me or email me when ready (adamsenington@hotmail.co.uk)
    36. liquids3
      Hi mate you ok,my freind would like you to make that hybrid up for him,the ko3 2280 compressor,rs6 turbine.would you be able to make it up,then when its ready send me a pm and do an exchange?
    37. liquids3
      Thanks mate,i will let him know this info cheers.
    38. liquids3
      You alright dan,my hybrid is all on,just needs mapping injectors now,thanks though.um my mate has a golf mk4,with a k03 150bhp,what turbo upgrade would you recomend,prices,and would you need his old turbo?Thanks adam.
    39. Royh1179
      hi mate (aragorn) told me to pm you regarding moding my ko3 with a s3 turbine ?!?!?! iv tried to msg you but for some reason there not going through so tried here, luck forward to hearing from you cheerz :icon_thumright:
    40. Paradox1
      How you doing mate, I've been told that your the one to see about rebuilding turbos. I'm looking to go ko4 hybrid on my fwd 18t. I think the compressor wheel is the 2283, same as the 8p s3? Mistake me if I'm wrong. How much would I be looking at all in?

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