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  • hi.

    i have 2 pairs of ice whites in stock they are rated at 5000k, the fogs are more 7000k when they are in and i have matching headlight bulbs coming in.

    they are £5 a pair. £2 postage.
    The Quattros are class I actually speed up for corners now lol.
    I bet Saturday takes ages to come.

    I've been waiting for mine to get the injectors done which I did last week and then I'm off to big fish to get the map along with a mate who has a VRS Octavia.
    If you have an iPhone or smart phone get the My Car Check app it tells you all about it including bhp.
    Big Fish tuning is in stokesly next to Yarm Stockton. Do a google search for big fish and if you are a member of you get it done for £200. If yours is a 140 you'll get around 170 - 180 bhp and if it's a 170 your looking at just over 200 bhp.
    You'll probably see me about Sunderland my plate is x8dxn.

    Hi Baz, quite simple really, just slot into charge connector as normal then with just a little bit of force push the front top of your iPhone 4s into place and you'll here it click in place.
    Mine is safe and secure and stays well in place.

    Hope this helps

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