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    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    8Y S3, I get around 24 and mostly country lanes in Shropshire, got it in Jan and done around 4K
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    Look closely at the front grill iPhone 12 Pro
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    Gang tried to car-jack my S3 today!

    Wow I had exactly the same, I’m Midlands where are you?? iPhone 12 Pro
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    Audi Connect unavailable

    Great thanks for your help I’ll check it out iPhone 12 Pro
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    Audi Connect unavailable

    I tried sending a location from my phone today and it said sent successfully but nothing happened, where do I look for the destinations?? iPhone 12 Pro
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    Delivery of an S3

    My cousin lives in Darby check his insta iPhone 12 Pro
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    8Y Paddle Extensions

    Look and feel great iPhone 12 Pro
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    Released Mods for the 8Y

    Has anyone fitted mud flaps to the 8Y?? iPhone 12 Pro
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    8Y Paddle Extensions

    Put some on tomorrow just put me feet up in front of the TV iPhone 12 Pro
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    8Y Paddle Extensions

    Got theses today bang on iPhone 12 Pro
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    Underseat storage

    No it’s way smaller, I found one on eBay and ordered it but it’s no where near, you can have it if you want to pay the postage! iPhone 12 Pro
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    Released Mods for the 8Y

    I know what you mean I miss the drive select on the star and was hoping it could be added with VAGCOM, I also enquired about getting the front sensors fitted with the graphics on the MMI but it was 1100 quid and that’s not by Audi iPhone 12 Pro
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    A3/S3 8Y VAG COM programming options

    Has anyone plugged in and found anything to enable like changing the star button options or S3 splash screen iPhone 12 Pro
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8Y In Here

    How do you get the internal lights that bright I can early see mine in the day iPhone 12 Pro
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8Y In Here

    Go OEM the cheap ones just fade and look terrible after a while, I tried them and ended up changing them iPhone 12 Pro