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    Alpine gurus!

    Fitted an alpine UTE72bt to the Mrs A4 and surprise sup rose she’s found something to moan about !! It’s too bright at night , pmsl . Dimming is an option apparently but nowhere on the web I’ve looked at actually tells you how !! I’ve selected manual instead of the auto (orange wire option) but...
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    A4 B5 1999 Alpine

    hi folks , trying to fit an Apline into the other half’s A4 , I bought a PC9-401 as that seemed to fit the bill (half amplified) but I’ve gone to plug it all in and everything goes in ok except the power plug from the headunit ! This is what is coming from the dash The black and brown...
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    Help needed please

    My wife’s A4 B5 1.8t avant is playing up . It will only start if the EPC light is illuminated but every so often the light doesn’t come on meaning the car will only turn over . No pattern as to weather it comes on or not . Scanned with VCDS , no codes . New battery so not a voltage issue . Given...
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    Jardo's 'Journey to quattro' - My Story...

    3,2,1 your back in the room :D
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    Cannot rotate engine, hard lock / clunk at 80% rotation on crank.

    Turbo to manifold M10 x 70mm long with stainless nordlock washers is what I’ve gone for . I have extras , pm me your address and I’ll send you some
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    Symphony !!

    A lot of words above I don’t understand :D I got the car with a single din concert that didn’t work . I double din converted it with an alpine w235bt which I thought sounded ok but lacked any bass punch that I put down to rubbish speakers . I removed the alpine and adaptor loom and plugged the...
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    Symphony !!

    right , I got fed up of my double din alpine sounding hopeless so have put that in my transporter where it sounds great . Won this symphony cheap on eBay , had a mare with the seller as he forgot to tell me he didn’t have the code . £5 on eBay later we’re all working and sounds amazing compared...
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    Basils had a S3X change :D

    Errrrrrm I don’t know ! I wasn’t aware there were threads in the head ! The bolt has broken halfway down where it screws into the block . I’m in Ireland (work) at the moment so will look on my return . I blimmin hope not !!!!!
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    Basils had a S3X change :D

    It had twisted where it broke and as about half diameter of the rest of it . I’ve checked bolt length , hole cleanliness, the torque wrench , all checks out . Must have been a flaw ! Buying ARP in a couple of weeks
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    Basils had a S3X change :D

    Im in no real hurry so I will await a possible response from the gods :) Thanks for the preliminary story on bolts vs studs . Makes sense so far :D
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    Basils had a S3X change :D

    No Ian . The 1st round (40nm) went well , no jerking or creaking , 60nm was going well nice and smooth , felt like it was just about to click off on the torque wrench then bang ! I double checked the setting on the wrench and was spot on , so out of curiosity tried the next bolt and that went...
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    Basils had a S3X change :D

    Elring bolts . Did my first 40nm round then again and was in my 1st round of 60nm and bang . Fuming
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    Basils had a S3X change :D

    Finally a day to get the engine back together ! Head on , half hours research on sequence and torques and angles . Decided on wet , 40nm twice , 60nm twice BANG !!! WTF was that ? C U next Tuesday :wtf:
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    My Belated build thread

    Lol , I considered installing windows on my Mac to run VCDS but gave my head a wobble and decided it would be like putting a 1.6 pinto in a Lamborghini :D I opted for a cheap windows laptop just for car stuff :) The RNSE looks awesome , wish I could be bothered to do it .
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    Overrun vibration

    Thanks PT :) It’s never done it before ! Sometimes a faint hint of a vibration when changing up at somewhere near 5-6000 rpm but this was different . I’ll put a coupling in while I’m there I think !