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    number plate light bulb holders

    Just got all mine apart, well corroded it was both screws snapped to gotta replace whole, maybe even lock, mine is an 02 plate avant can I get the plastic replacement for mine surely the later model part is the same fitment
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    B6 Avant rear washer problem

    This must be a problem as the same thing has happened to my motor, just kept going all the time. I got one from scrappies with the later part number off an 04 plate car and it has the same issue, even though it works properly Seems to be a problem with the seal between the two plastic seals...
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    ESP Light on solid /Glow Plug light flashing??

    Just rang Audi they say even if the switch is Knackered I have to bring it in to service, for them to check it is fitted properly. Well I cant see any other way of fitting it, it clicks in place simple as that and it is a nice healthy click. Bad thing is they will say it is fitted wrong whatever...
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    ESP Light on solid /Glow Plug light flashing??

    sorry to bring this up again, have replaced my old switch, but lights still coming on the dash and brake lights only working if I press pedal hard, does the plunger need to be pulled out some more.
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    Longlife oil my **** - more like short life turbo

    Oh dear, just about to drain mine out, meant to have Shell Helix Ultra longlife 2 in mine, replacing with Fuch LL stuff, hope mine is abit thinner.
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    200 bhp???

    The man at Vagparts, has a older shape TT with a TDI in, sais its circa 240bhp and gives stock skylines a run for there money. Had alot done by Allard, it sure does look pretty and I bet it flies. he sais its much faster than a 225 TT.
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    Audi A4 TDI 130bhp Help!!

    my 02 car now has 162k and still drives very nicely not had any real problems, did have to change the rear anti roll as it has worn, apart from that its fine, engine is great and gearbox still tight. Has has new clutch at 122k and brakes and disks, but thats par for the course.
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    RS4 22mm Rear Anti Roll Bar Fitted!!

    I would just like to bring this thread up again. I just done mine and I found the the brackets (stock) are too small for the bigger bushs and can lead you in danger of threading your bolts. I ordered the proper RS4 mounts for the RARB and they are a much better fit and make the job so much...
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    A4 Avant TDI 130 tyre choices

    well I went for Goodyear hydragrips in the end. See how they go for a few miles
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    A4 Avant TDI 130 tyre choices

    So whats OEM spec then. The tyres my car has are not OEM so cant use them as a guide. 2002 1.9tdi 130 Avant EDIT Just checked kwik fit and they fit H rated tyres to my car, so V is better than that, so should be fine.
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    A4 Avant TDI 130 tyre choices

    So can I run V rated this is still 150mph
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    A4 Avant TDI 130 tyre choices

    I currently have P6000s that are now due for a change, to be fair they have been good to me, grip fine and wear well. What are other owners using and why. Also my current tyres a W speed rated, isnt this abit overkill and can I get V rated instead. Thanks for any replies.
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    Help needed boot related

    Thanks McDuff, it was the microswitch, £27.84 from main dealer. Its a pig to get the tailgate cover off, the metal clips are a pain. Apart from that is was easy.
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    Help needed boot related

    My dash display is showing my boot is open, but it is firmly shut. Can someone point me in the right direction, can fix it myself easy enough if I know where to look or what to change.
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    ...closer to the Big Turbo Upgrade...

    Its a good looking car, deserves 350 bhp, pretty sure you could get it done cheaper than that or is that engine work aswell.