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    photoshop request

    could some one colour code the matt parts please to match the silver as would like see if it makes it look any better. thanks.
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    ok chers guys i.ll let you no what ones i get.
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    its an S3 LOL but iv been using standard plugs but with every one saying its best to upgrade due to the car being mapped.
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    looking to service the car this weekend and wondered what spark plugs people recomended ?.
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    Devil Eye Headlights

    not bad
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    Photoshop request S3 to RS4 exhaust style

    Thanks for the photoshop mate, 1st time for being crushed lol
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    Photoshop request S3 to RS4 exhaust style

    Could someone please photoshop me my car with an exhaust both sides, but wider like the look of the RS4/6
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    Finally got my car back :yahoo:

    she runs like a dream just gave it a 5 mile run and it feels amazing well i have been driving a ford C-MAX 1.8 petrol for 17 months lol. Its about to get serviced and cleaned so i.ll put pics up later this wekend :)
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    Finally got my car back :yahoo:

    its been a long wait to get my car done but afte 17months the car was dropped back to me today afte only being picked up sat as the gearbox failed on me as well as the transfer box and i managed to get both boxes plus fitting for £1000 all in so im well chuffed. both boxes come from a broken S3...
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    1. Lee Goodall (A4, B5, 1.8 SET) 2. Mark Hopkins (S3, 8L, 1.8 T) 3. Byzan A4 (A4 TQS in the second fastest colour) 4. Purple Princess (A4 TQS Spot the simularity ^^) 5. dan 1973 (a3 8l tdi) 6. Benskin07 (A3 8P) 7. FactionOne & Ming Blue (Car make and model TBA) 8. tufftybloke (S3 8L) 9...
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    :yahoo: my car goes in to have full gearbox rebuild and clutch fitted in the 2nd week of feb as its been sitting for 18months. So advice on starting her up for the first time in 13months. Iv baught a new battery-plugs-and it will be fully serviced once the works been done.
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    N75 valve

    lol creamers
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    Getting my gearbox rebuilt at last :)

    skint for 18 months jojo and family come first but my loving FORD C MAX gets me about in style :rock:. as for the gearbox its going to be fully rebuilt with standard internals and with a 12 month warranty or 12000 miles. also its booked in to jbs to have 3" turbo down pipe fitted and the map...
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    Getting my gearbox rebuilt at last :)

    cars been off road now for 18 months but found company in luton that a friends been dealing with and to fully rebuild my S3 gearbox and recovering it for me to. So well chuffed and the total price is £645 but could be cheaper if its only part rebuld so fingers crossed it will be ready for the...
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    blow off valve

    i am alive and kicking mate just driving a ford cmax dont give me any reason to jump on the audisport lol but my car is still sitting in my garage with the ****** gearbox lol but fingers crossed it should be out by the end of aug this year as i said that last year lol hope your well mate and...