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    RS3 latest discounts

    And they all said that the discounts would not be available on the face lift , especially the Saloon ! Well done , hope you ordered one ...
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    The rear wheel must be the same one photoshopped on all the cars with them alloys , it appears to have a wider than the rest set of spokes , and is on them all , looks stupid ! at 9 o'clock on this one ...
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    Insignia VXR SuperSport...

    I had a tuned vectra Vxr in 2006, and it was ok , got a fair slating from Jeremy Clarkson which put a lot of people off , straight line speed was very very quick , corners not so great . The insignia is a 4wd improved version so would probably be not bad. Interior of the vxr range is way above...
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    Someone didn't do techy drawing at school

    Is that the original drawings for the facelift bumper ?
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    26k , for a vxr with chocolate Pistons !
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    My theory is it was mot in Nov 15 , then sold to dealer , who mot it for new buyer in Jan, guy bought it , does big miles and can't afford to run it anymore . Nov14 typo either garage or when the info came over to go online ...
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    Potential new S3 owner - Dealer advice

    Highland Audi in Inverness are very helpful and beat a car wow quote for me ....
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    Wrong info Put on mot I would say ,
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    Nepotism/Mutual Appreciation Society

    Go to the 8v section and see the S3 drivers , they share the love I have found even bikers are getting unsociable , a lot don't give you a nod anymore ...
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    What would people like to see in a facelift?

    These facelift threads are breeding again !
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    Hi everyone - PCP help please

    But you will get a big discount , so add another 4K onto your deposit to see what the payments would be ...
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    Hi everyone - PCP help please

    That's the kind of quotes I was getting , 2nd hand cars will be worthless shortly !
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    GFB DV+ and insurance

    Winter tyres , remember that debacle ! During that debate someone said that any tyre summer or winter not recommended by the manufacturer could actually be classed as a non standard modification ? As above speak to your insurer , not worth the risk ....
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    Carwow v Coventry Audi

    Lol .. No I am in Shetland , probably 800 miles away , maybe I am too far for it to do location based so I get the best prices, Stoke Audi & Coventry always there with good prices ...
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    I've had an S3 for the day.

    Loved it , had an R53 , then the R56 , would buy another for sure , good economy for a commute . Only sold it as we went to 1 car , the mini was my toy and could not really justify it , wasn't big enough to keep for a family car , S3 is best of both worlds !