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Dec 23, 2020
May 28, 2004
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nr Glos
Engineer/Director of Badger5 Ltd

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www.badger5.co.uk, from nr Glos

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lurking...... Sep 1, 2014

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Dec 23, 2020
    1. badger5
    2. badger5
      I have the elbows in stock, so just bell me and I can get one sent out to you
      glad you like the 3" TIP.. they so work well :D
    3. AARON77
      Hi badger Aaron here just wanted to say that your TIP is an impressive bit of kit was really chuffed with the outcome :) managed to hash the hockey puck in too so all was sweet in the end!!!
      Although if I could get the proper elbow and pipes that would be great I will gladly buy them if it's something u can supply .
      Thanx again
    4. badger5
      today as in 5th april?
      call me on 07976 800775 to confirm
    5. Barks
      Hello Bill,

      I spoke to you a few weeeks ago about getting the fuel map upped due to high CF since fitting your 3" TIP.
      You mentioned that you were very busy at the time and I have also been busy, have you any free time Today (Tuesday) so you can have a tweak??


    6. badger5
      JR is easy fit.. option on which one.. FC08001 I can add an M6 stud to its end for £5 so to allow a bracket to be made to support its end if needs be. Not possible to do on the rubber ended FR08001 tho.
    7. S3 MCW
      S3 MCW
      Hi Bill, I would like to buy a Jetex Cone filter off you for my 2002 8L S3. Just wondering how much it would cost and whether it is an easy job to fit? Is the vibrating MAF that some forum members mention a big issue? Cheers Matt
    8. badger5
      the jetex FR08001 is 80mm neck size, base diameter 175mm x 185mm long x 135mm top diameter
      Neuspeed cones are an oval shape so the JR might be wider, but the dims given will allow you to check what fits.
      Price is £45+vat and delivery is £9.50 - new stock now in.
    9. shanejess
      sorry to bother you bill, ive got the neuspeed cone with heat sheild, its a 3inch neck on the cone, will the jetex cone fit within the heat sheild the neuspeed is quite big but i prefer the jetex keeping the heatsheild if it does how do i go about buying one from you, thankyou shane.
    10. badger5
      hi, sorry phones be weird today here.. workshop number is 01453 822880, or better still my mobile which is 07976800775 and in my pocket where I can hear it.
      studs or nuts? how will your existing lockers work on +20mm thread length requirements?

      M14x1.5 is the thread type.. and nuts/bolt depending on what you are after are available in radiused seat type (oe) or 60 degree taper type (common on after market wheels)

      my email is bill@badger5.co.uk

      messages get lost and deleted such is the volume I receive, emails I retain.
      many thanks
    11. gez
      hi Bill. ive tried ringing your garage a few times but no answer. can i order stud conversion kits through here and pay paypal? i have a 2002 S3 and have 20mm spacers all round. what size studs will i need? i will need 16 studs and 16 nuts please. i shall be using my locking bolts that i already have. let me know, thanks. gerard
    12. badger5
      pressure bleed if possible.. and yes under the mc
    13. Wheel Pimp
      Wheel Pimp
      Al right Bill it's Herb.

      I'm going to bleed my brakes tomorrow (finally) and was wondering where the two bleed nipples on the MC were. Are they on the underside of the fluid reservoir?
      And do I need to run Vag-Com when doing it?
      Cheers Bill.
    14. Sandip
      Deleted some messages Bill :)
    15. badger5
      £5 for vagcom scan of it
      let me know when you want to pop down
    16. jimes
      Hi Bill hows the car? Tim did a day at combe monday but couldnt quite get into the 14's after all it was cold and had a misfire towrds end from coilpack lead melting on heat shield:( his excuse anyway! How much do you charge for a vagcom scan? i have a lead but they wont support me on the msn group as its a copy cable, works fine but i cant justify the full price of original to get support as i dont use it that much but guess i may have to bight the bullet! My bkd tdi is rubbish on fuel at mo and want to post a scan for sebastian to check, he says there maybe software updates even though vw diag says its up to date. might pop up to rr day in s3 but new baby here so will have to think of a scheme! Cheers, Jamie
    17. badger5
      can you email me this request please to bill@badger5.co.uk so I can send a quote
    18. Danny Cawsey
      Danny Cawsey
      Hi bill had a read through tufftys build thread and interested in getting the same turbo setup..
      what sort of price would it cost to have the bt and all the internals, DP etc needed for it ot run right
      and your labor costs for the whole job?
      as in drop off and pick up finished.
      im in holland at the moment working and going to be bk around aprill/may time,
      cheers danny
    19. a3-se
      hi been told to speak to you about engine rebuilding how much do you charge ive got an 1.8t and how much on total do u think it will cost including your time to build it
    20. badger5
    21. voorhees
      got the pads today cheers Bill
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    nr Glos
    Engineer/Director of Badger5 Ltd

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