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    For Sale Audi S3 Sprint Blue - 66k miles - Thousands spent in last 2 months

    Selling my S3, it's just not for me. Going back to BMW I'm afraid. Excellent car but I just haven't clicked with it. Look through my posts on here to see I've attacked the car with a no expense spared attitude. Every single item on the "S3 8P preventative maintenance" thread has been covered...
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    Wheels jutting out, help!

    I'd be very wary of reducing the thickness of material holding your wheels on the car by 25% personally.
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    Induction Kit and Air filters

    £460 ish, most expensive intake i've seen for the S3 8P
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    First Audi, 2012 S3 Black Edition

    I found the part number but can't find it for sale in this country. Coming up $120! That can't be right surely
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    First Audi, 2012 S3 Black Edition

    I would love to know the flap lighter part number if anyone can find it.
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    First Audi, 2012 S3 Black Edition

    They must have got it off without dropping the sub frame because it was done whilst in for all the initial servicing Inc. cambelt etc. No issues mentioned when I collected car. Then last week it had H&R ARBs fitted and when I collected they said some bolt were cross threaded and others snapped...
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    Induction Kit and Air filters

    Ramair ones are too big, if you just want noise they are fine.. but realistically you want a revo or similar. If you fit a full induction kit you can't refit your stock engine cover, you either leave it like pic above or you buy a TTS engine cover which is something like £120.
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    First Audi, 2012 S3 Black Edition

    Thats funny the indy garage I use did the pre-cat delete for £20 on my S3... can't have been that much work
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    First Audi, 2012 S3 Black Edition

    Pre-cat delete i'd definitely do (if you don't intend on a decat down the line). Very much worthwhile. I have also fitted H&R ARBs + Superpro ALK which vastly improve the sub-par standard handling.
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    Best dogbone insert for the S3

    I haven't noticed any additional vibration, the car idles very smoothly, mine is on 65k. Gear change is what I base my positive review on, I found the gear change absolutely horrendous before having it fitted, so jerky.. I tried and tried to be as smooth as possible with the pedals but the car...
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    Best dogbone insert for the S3

    Collected car following superpro insert end of last week, very impressed with it, bargain at £25. I did also have H&R ARBs, superpro ALK, powerflex RTABs, various other suspension OEM components (ball joints & droplinks F&R) and a full alignment so as you can imagine it's like a completely...
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    Looking to buy S3?!?!

    Your unlikely to get a car at £7-8k with all the above listed works done recently so probably would require money to be spent. I got my sprint blue pre facelift S3 with 60k on the clock and full documented history for £8k but I then went and had all the preventative maintenance done along with...
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    Timing Belt Advice

    Have you got a full receipt/invoice for last time it was done? Or are you trusting the service book? If the service is from an audi dealer it can be confirmed by phoning up audi customer service quickly and easily.
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    S3 side window trim - options

    8P3853289DY9B / 8P3853290DY9B Be interested to see what an audi dealer quoted for them.