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    Facelift Workshop Manual for replacing clutch/flywheel step by step?

    You can all the workshop manuals for your car here
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    S-tronic service intervals

    You need to understand what stronic box is fitted to the car first. if it the dry clutch version then no fluid changes are required, if it the wet clutch version then it must be done every 38K miles.
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    For Sale Audi TT MK1 BBS split rim Rs2 Alloys with Tyres

    I will be taking these off my car in the next few week. Overall they are in good condition with continental 225/40 R18 92W Extra load tyres with plenty of tread on them. (6mm front & 7mm rear) Information on the wheel shows KBA44404 8Jx18H2 and are marked "Germany BBS" Wheels will be available...
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    Wanted Audi s6 4f prts

    Remember that with BREXIT (Gift that keeps on giving) your going to pay tax on parts coming from the UK now. I would look at Germany as above or another EU member state.
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    Looking for a S2 Coupe in Laser Red

    Just the one for the moment, was a long drive from near Lands end all the way back to Darlington. Also spotted Speedo Mick while I was buying the the car.:thumbs up:What a trooper the weather was ****** awful yesterday, it's not something I could do.:respekt::respekt: Any way first pic of the...
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    Looking for a S2 Coupe in Laser Red

    Well am now the owner of an 1995 S2 coupe in green, apparently late models in red are like rocking horse stuff to find so found one in a nice shade of green.
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    Spotted in Auto trader

    It's most likely due to the new one series being front wheel drive the dealer must have got confused...
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    Best Engines from Audi

    1.9TDI pre PD engines and the 2.2 I5 turbo
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    Out with the new and in the the newer

    Well after almost 5 years of ownership the A6 goes tomorrow. Prices are very strong at the moment and the car has only 38K on the clock and I've been offered very good money so it's going. The car is also due service, gearbox service, cambelt change, MOT and TAX is due, so that little lot alone...
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    Common Issues - A6 2.0 TDI ultra SE S Tronic 2015

    I never enabled the green menu on my A6 and I've now sold the car and it goes tomorrow. So I cannot help on this one sorry.
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    Looking for a S2 Coupe in Laser Red

    I'm in the market for an S2 Coupe, must be in laser red and a 95/96 model with the 6 speed gearbox. Anyone know of a car for sale please let me know.
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    Am i making a mistake - S5 for Tesla Model 3

    There is always the exception to makes and models. I've never looked at Kia's before, and have no idea how well they are selling. I guess my comments were many focused on the German range which is where I've been looking.
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    Am i making a mistake - S5 for Tesla Model 3

    On the flip side of high used car prices comes the lack/zero discount on new cars. I'm not going to look at another new car until the shortage issues have been resolved, and dealer discounts are back to normality. Paying list price for cars is just crazy.
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    Cambelt change interval. Official Audi recommendation - 5 years maximum.

    All the 2.0TDI are belt driven. The 3.0V TDI, V8 Petrol, 1.8 Petrol and 2.0 petrol are all chain driven. There has been similar discussions in the A3 8V section about the belt change. with the same answer for Audi UK. However when asked what the difference between Europe & UK in respect to...
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    Common Issues - A6 2.0 TDI ultra SE S Tronic 2015

    No real horror stories with the engine or gearboxes. Just make sure the gearbox has been serviced every 38K miles. If it's due then your looking around £225 for the service.