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    Im having the exact same problem with my 57plate sline mate, the car was from a company director, no damage to the car ever, no mods all standard including sline 18" alloys. I bought it 15 months ago and replaced the tyres with dunlop maxx tt tyres in december and ive dont at a guess 10k on...
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    one of those jobs you wish you had never started

    thats the exact same combination I used last year to detail my audi. Although the cg hex green pads cuts into the paintwork to remove the swirls when using menzerna power finish, I found it was still taking along time to acieve perfection due to the extrahard laquer. I achieved better results...
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    2.0tdi s-line common problems?

    had my 57 plate 20 tdi s-line(140) for 8 months, had a fair few bits need replacing but I did get it a 90k. each one was causing a problem, the list is as follows. vacuum pipe(ramdomly go into limp mode) turbo pipe(boot it hard to 4.k revs it would go into limp mode) egr valve(jerky setting...
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    Interior LEDs

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to t8ups for the lights, it was a pain removing the number plate light screw but the lights work perfect. It completely transforms the interior. I had a problem with paypal so payment didnt go through till late morning monday but was still received tuesday. wasnt...
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    Interior LEDs

    hi mate, I used my pc at home to make the transaction where I normally do it on the work pc, this was an irregularity enough to limit my paypal account apparently. it had the following, We are currently performing regular maintenance of our security measures. Your account has been randomly...
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    Interior LEDs

    transferred now. thanks b4rrett
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    Interior LEDs

    cheers mate ile take the 4 smd version my car has after market zenons installed so it shouldnt need the extra resistor, give me 5 mins and the money will be in your account. thanks b4rrett
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    Interior LEDs

    hi t8ups< cheers for the info and pics, ive decided to go white in the end. just to make sure im sending the right money it want front and rear dome lights and front map lights so that will be £22.52 including postage. do you also do the led error free number plate lights, if so can i have a...
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    Interior LEDs

    I dont think my post count is high enough to pm back t8ups, but if you can send me a picture as per your pm, i can decide if i go the red or white route. thanks, b4rrett
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    Interior LEDs

    hi t8ups, when you say £5 map, is this each i.e. theres 2 so would cost £10.00 or is the price for both?. im looking for all 6smd lights for both front and rear domes and also map lights. would it be possible to have the dome lights in red and the map ones in white?. ile transfer the...
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    VMR v708

    how much is the rs4 grill going for ?
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    What do you think of my new boots?

    i like them alot, what make are they and how much did they set you back
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    Hid conversion Kit, questions including which one to buy.

    cheers for the replies guys, only just bought a house and spent too much gutting it and decorating it on top of buying the a4. the bank balance has taken a serious hit the last 5 weeks so i cant justify going the oem route just yet. ive emailed hids direct that bez posted as i couldnt see a...
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    Hid conversion Kit, questions including which one to buy.

    Hi Guys, Iv'e jsut picked up a black 2007 S-line Tdi and im thinking about fitting a Hid kit to the standard lights. Im not sure if ive mastered the search function on the site as im looking for info, experience of them and possibly a link to a site to buy a set from. first of all ive seen...