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    Extended Interior Lights

    Hi. Just wanted to confirm that this was just a setting that you changed in the MMI and not something that you coded with a VAG-COM or similar?
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    Playing music from an SD card or Jukebox

    The Jukebox is just internal storage, no need to use it if you dont wish to. Before I really thought about options, I went out and got SD cards for the glove box ports then realised I could plug a portable 3.5' Hard drive into one of the USB ports. If you aren't struggling for room in your...
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    DAB Station Logos

    Can only speak for myeslf in Australia though I had to turn them on. While listening to the station, tap right on your controller and by memory it brings up another menu and you can select/change the cover art and there was 3 options. I cant recall which option it is off the top off my head...
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    B9 S4 Info Thread

    *Face Palm* Sorry, I forgot this was the S4 thread. :)
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    Window Surround Wrapping

    I'd go gloss over matt.
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    B9 S4 Info Thread

    Over at one of the US forums, there's report from APR that they have cracked the B9 ECU and a stage 1 tune isn't far away.
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    Simon, I think alFR is on the money, price to fix isnt an issue, it's a warranty thing. Personally I keep an eye on 4 different forums and yours is the first that I've seen where anyone has reported a problem with the gearbox. It might just be a dodgie sender.
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    B9 Audi Sound System vs B&O

    I've just pulled the trigger on a B9 A5 S-Line and the B&O option is $1,363 here in Australia which after spending 15 minutes in a non-B&O car and one with just testing the sound using the same songs back to back, I opted for the B&O. Do yourself a favour and take your own Hi-Res music in to do...