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    Timing belt kit

    Hi people. Looking for some advice please. I'm finally getting round to organising a garage to replace my timing belt and water pump on my 1997 3.7 Sport, at least i thought i was but according to my garage even Audi dont stock a replacement kit. Is there anywhere i can get the right parts nowadays?
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    Transmission issue

    **update** valve body snapped. Relatively cheap repair. Surprised at the lack of responses to be honest given how crap the auto boxes are. Hey ho...
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    Transmission issue

    Hi guys, went for a spin and noticed the gear box was sticky when selecting gears. Pulled over with engine running and selected park. Tried to engage drive gear to move off but the engine just revved. I have managed to remove key from the ignition but now the car wont start as i cant select...
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    Headlight bulb upgrade

    Thanks Karl, they seem to get positive reviews.
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    Headlight bulb upgrade

    My D2 has rubbish headlights and I was wondering if anybody knew of an upgrade? Currently my dipped, main beam and fogs are surprisingly poor. Alternative bulb advice would be appreciated as I don't want to go through the xenon upgrade. Thanks
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    Cabin/Pollen filter

    Always thought you just needed the reg number?
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    Cabin/Pollen filter

    Thanks for the replies. I had the air con drains unblocked last year (full of crud) and the rain water drain outlets after the carpets where found to be soaked. This has resolved the wet carpets so I shall change the pollen filter and hopefully see a difference. I'll post the results once completed.
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    Cabin/Pollen filter

    Hi, just wondering if this is an important filter to replace. I assume its the 2 boxes on the underside of the bonnet? I have been getting steamy windows for some time and cant seem to trace where its coming from. Cleared all vents and A/C ducts out but still the car gets steamed up. Anybody got...
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    Electrical issues

    Thanks. Going to get checked out on Monday by an auto spark. Will update with diagnosis... :-)
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    Edinburgh Audi specialist

    Anyone here able to recommend an Audi auto electrical specialist in/near the Edinburgh area? Don't fancy trying the stealers.
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    Electrical issues

    Hi, my 3.7 Sport has developed 2 faults within the last 2 weeks. Firstly the rear n/s window opens by itself and sometimes won't close for a few minutes. Secondly, the indicators on both sides come on when switching from left or right with the stalk. Any ideas? Worried it might be time for the...
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    Cleaning my chrome tailpipes

    is extra fine wire wool ok?
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    Can't get rid of ABS/brake pad warning light...

    Hi, Try audipages website. They have a good section on your models brake sensor set up.
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    District 9

    Please go see this if you like sci-fi. The best film since Alien. Excellent story and amazing effects.