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    New Q4 e-tron breaks cover

    Boasting a range of just over 300 miles on the top specification and with an array of battery capacity and power outputs on offer the Q4 e-tron has arrived! It's also packing SONOS as an option and a very futuristic steering wheel potentially marking the return of 4 spoke wheels again? Oh and...
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    Happy Easter from

    From all the team here at ASN we wish you and your families an eggcellent Easter.
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    RS 6 with Silver wheels?

    Now we all know that wheels really help define a car. And over the last week or so I keep getting drawn back to looking at this RS6 for sale at Romans International for one reason (no not that it's an RS 6 for a change) - it's the wheels. Don't get me wrong packing nearly 600BHP if you're in the...
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    Another watch question .

    It would depend on the reasons gifted, but i'd be tempted to keep it.
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    THAT R8 commercial

    Now that we have the space to put things like this let's all just remind ourselves of the glory of an R8 V10 at full tilt on a dyno.
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    Porsche 996

    Haters gonna hate. A future classic or the ugly duckling? You decide!
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    How many of us are bikers?? Show off your wheels.......

    Added this to the stable to go with the 99 R1. Long story short I actually sold this to the owner in 2008 when I worked in a Bike shop while at uni and always said when you're done with it let me know. And here we are!
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    The (Nogaro) Blues Brothers

    Audi Sport Nogaro Editions - Five new ultra-limited RS edition models pay homage to celebrated 1994 Avant RS 2 and its bold Nogaro Blue colour New Audi Sport Nogaro Edition versions of TT RS Coupé, RS 4 Avant, RS 5 Coupé and Sportback and RS 6 Avant Ultra-limited editions finished in classic...
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    AIB Insurance - Club Membership

    Gotta say again, i've just swapped a car and the fact that I can change a car on my policy in such quick time with friendly people is just excellent.
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    Ten years of the V10

    Homage to ten years of the V10 engine: The Audi R8 V10 Decennium A 620PS V10 engine, matt paintwork, bronze-coloured highlights inside and out, and strictly limited: Audi is celebrating the enduring appeal of the V10 engine with the Audi R8 V10 Decennium, a special edition limited to just 222...
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    The all-new S3.

    The all-new S3 Saloon compellingly lives up to its evocative name with sub-five-second 0-62mph acceleration potential and the capability to deploy its 310PS output even more effectively on challenging roads thanks to updated S-specific sport suspension and quattro drive with even more...
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    Ever wondered how much? PCP calculator on

    Updates to Audi UK web site make weighing up the monthly cost of Audi models ordered via PCP quicker and easier. Minimum monthly PCP cost of every new Audi model and trim combination now shown alongside OTR price on Simple tabs enable quick and easy calculation of additional monthly...
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    Update for a TDI titan - The new generation Audi SQ5

    Ever popular midsize performance SUV benefits from design and technology updates as well as enhancements to its acclaimed compressor-assisted V6 TDI. New generation SQ5 TDI models available to order in the UK. Available as SQ5 TDI priced from £56,600 OTR or SQ5 TDI Vorsprung from £71,750 OTR...
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    Audi uprates its power supply with new competition version of plug-in hybrid A3 Sportback

    More powerful follow-up to the A3 Sportback 40 TFSI e combines sporting specification with 245PS system output and 37-mile emission-free driving capability 45 TFSI e S line Competition version of plug-in hybrid A3 Sportback available in UK from early 2021 UK OTR pricing to be confirmed nearer to...
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    Happy Birthday Sandra

    Happy Birthday Sandra! Have an awesome day :thumbs up: