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    For Sale Exhaust & Valence - perfect for twin exit conversion

    2012 Facelift rear valence and exhaust from my A5, 3.0 TFSI V6 (rare de-spec’d S5), perfect for a twin exit exhaust conversion. Based in Bournemouth, UK Looking for £150 for the valence, and £250 for both valence and exhaust. Buyer to arrange collection.
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    Experience with the A5 3.2?

    I ran a 2006 A6 Avant with the 3.2 V6 for a few years, and loved it. Great sound, super smooth and loads of immediate power with no turbo lag. I would definitely have another. The mpg isn’t great, I would average 22-24 mpg most small / medium runs, and about 29 mpg on longer ones. There are...
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    Sold Genuine Audi 19” Segment A5, S5 Alloys

    But, I can ship them anywhere in the UK for £45
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    Sold Genuine Audi 19” Segment A5, S5 Alloys

    I’m in Bournemouth, Dorset.
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    Sold Genuine Audi 19” Segment A5, S5 Alloys

    Genuine Audi 19” Segment Alloy Wheels in Grey / Anthracite. Fitted with new ContiSport Contact 255 35 19 tyres that have only covered 500 miles, and are free from any repairs. 5x112mm stud pattern, with an offset of ET33 and a rim width 9J x 19. Centre bore 66.6 Part number: 8T0 601 025T A...
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    For Sale Genuine RS5 Rotor Alloys

    Set of four genuine RS5 Rotor alloys. No cracks, buckles or repairs. The polished faces have been painted silver to be easier to maintain. Overall in cracking condition, as per the pictures. All tyres are in good condition, with plenty of tread. Fitted with x2 Pirelli and x2 Michelin 265/30ZR20...
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    Which Audi A5 Convertible?

    Mine is on Autotrader. 85k miles with full Audi History. And, the oil consumption issue was done by Audi under warranty two years ago. I have the invoice for the work. It has all the right options, plus a set of genuine RS5 alloys I added. I still have the originals too. PM me if your...
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    Power steering has become stiff??

    Which fuse? And how was this diagnosed?
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    A5 convertible 19" Rotors with 20mm spacers, will it work?

    Pictures here:
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    A5 convertible 19" Rotors with 20mm spacers, will it work?

    I went 20” Genuine RS5 Rotor alloys. They fit flush flush!
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    My new A5 Convertible...

    Well, not mine yet. I’m currently on the train on route to pick it up - full of all the mixed feelings of excitement and nerves that it’s going to be a lemon. But, for now, let’s keep positive. I was originally looking at S5s, but was worried about gearboxes and big bills, so I’ve opted for a...
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    Audi S5 Buying Advice? (Gearbox & Wheels)

    2009/10 is bang on where I’m looking to buy... Which has put me off massively. I’m now thinking of a change of plan, and going down the 3.0TDi Quattro which gets me in a 2011/12 car...
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    Audi S5 Buying Advice? (Gearbox & Wheels)

    Sorry, ‘without’ replacing the whole system.
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    Audi S5 Buying Advice? (Gearbox & Wheels)

    Hey team, So I’ve decided my next car is going to be an S5 Convertible. I’ve a 10-12k budget, and looking to get something around 2010 with 60-80k miles, and I’ve a few questions: Firstly, and buying advice or things to check would be much appreciated. I understand the gearbox, and the early...