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  • Hi,

    I ended up buying it from an Audi dealer, around about £230 after asking for a discount. I saw one sell on ebay for about £120 a couple of months after I had mine fitted but they don't come up often.

    Hi DiKapo,

    I found the front spoiler on eBay. I bought a whole front bumper with it on and cut it off, then had it resprayed and fitted. You have to really look for them carefully!

    The rear window spoiler was already part of the S-line spec. Again should be able to find an original one off eBay. The bottom rear diffuser I also got from eBay. I spent a long time searching! It is the Votex kit which is made for Audi.

    If you do a search you will get all the info you need. Be carefull though to get the right parts for your type of A3.

    Hope that helps mate,


    Dude where you at? You've disappeared! I've managed to break mine today, blew the head gasket on the M6 :( How's yours going?
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