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    Facelift my audi a3

    thanks for taking the time to find a thread mate, appreciate it:thumbsup:
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    Facelift my audi a3

    tar mate, its split
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    Facelift my audi a3

    surely someone must know something about this?
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    Facelift my audi a3

    Hey guys, advice! i have an audi a3 8p, its going into the bodyshop to have some work done on the front, so ive decided while its in il look into having the facelift bumper put on. How easy is this an what does it involve, i.e new grill fog lights etc? mines the sport so it has fogs. thanks ad
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    Can your S3 do this?

    That cars impressive but that drivers got skills wich makes the car look good.
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    turning off my service light

    Does anyone know how this is done? ive heard a couple of diffrent ways like, holding the milometer reset button for so long with the ignition off and then turnin the key in the ignition for so long et etc etc, I was hoping someone could tell me the correct way to sort this?, thanks
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    Loose door handle

    i best get it sorted asap then incase it falls off, i have noticed there is 2 clips on the underneath of the handle were the cover is fastened on, I will give it ago making them tighter, thanks for advice
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    Loose door handle

    The driverside door handle on my a3 is loose and rattles when i shut it. when i say loose i mean the painted handle cover is loose. Very annoying and i was just wondering if anyone had come across this same problem and if so how do i fix this? Thanks
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    Audi magaszine arrived

    havent got mine yet,but as far as the A3 droptop is concerend its horrible from what ive seen so far. I just dont think that hatchback cars should be converted to a droptop,the golf convertible looks ****. The MK1 gets away with it becasue there just cool. But on the whole i dont think...
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    New A3 Convertible

    that droptop A3 is horrible,that eos looks nice tho
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    Owning an Audi was a dream that has turned into a nightmare

    what if a salesman at a garage has had it as his company car and smashed it? maybe?
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    idiot who can't park

    Thats horrible mate,but it made me laugh lol, the way that megane has parked takes the **** tho
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    H&R 35mm & 19"

    that looks sexy mate:rock:
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    Are Audis common?

    I would say they are common. Alot more people seem to have "money" these days and the more expensive car I.E the audi,bmw,merc have become alot more common on the road these days. Most of the young lads around my age that have A3's/S3's some even have a4's most of them are drug dealers lol and i...
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    Abt or Caractere Kit

    that one slammed is the look im aiming for and it shouldnt be hard getting it lol,but i want to be careful not to put to big a wheel on it and then have it to low. Just getting the right balance i think