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    Retrofit folding mirrors S5

    Hiya DarkyUK, What coding is involved with getting this working?
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    @Sandra is there any particular reason why my details haven’t been added even though I requested back in September last year? also, since then I now have genuine ODIS access with facilities such as component protection removal, immobiliser coding etc. If my details aren’t going to be added...
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    Hiya! I can’t remember what details were added to the map but here I am: Company: Lightrofit Location: South Wales Post Code: CF14 2HU (mobile only, no facilities there) Interfaces: Genuine HEX-NET and Genuine VCP with VIM.
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    Dash Cam Wire Routing

    That’s the wrong fuse location, you need to be looking at the fuse box in the footwell, under a removable panel. This is the official location that Audi recommend for the +15 connection. Source: I’ve fitted the UTR to an A4 B9
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    I have VCDS, VCP and have been using them for over a year and ODIS interface VAS6154 on order. All 3 are genuine. VCDS is very user friendly, meets your requirements and isn’t expensive to get if you just need it for your own vehicle. VCP is much more in depth and thus is more complicated to...
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    A4 b8 drl replacement to led

    Yes but you will need someone with VCDS or VCP
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    A4 b8 drl replacement to led

    Someone has codes in amber DRLs. You’ll find that it’ll dim and flash when you indicate
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    8K0907063P- Highline ?

    I believe it is but would like a second opinion from someone? I’m about to buy one and need it to be high line too lol
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    Audi A3 8V Reverse Camera (High) DIY Retrofit guide!!

    Brill. There is no rush and it’s Sunday so I’m grateful to have a reply at all
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    Audi A3 8V Reverse Camera (High) DIY Retrofit guide!!

    Wow, that was a lightening fast reply ha ha. That's great, it really simplifies the install! Thank you for getting back to me. I do have another question for you but I'd like to send it via PM if you don't mind?
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    Audi A3 8V Reverse Camera (High) DIY Retrofit guide!!

    Hi folks, I see that they replaced the separate camera/module set up with a camera handle with the module built it. My question is, can this new built in unit be used on both PFL/FL cars and does that also include cars with no nav/Low MMI as well as cars with nav? Basically I'm asking if...
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    LED Rear Light Retro Fit to Avant

    The only part of the fit that has any difficulty is removing the tailgate/boot trim to run an extra wire on either side (for the inner indicator LEDs). The rest is just re-pinning the plugs for the outer lights, changing the plug and pin type for the inner lights and coding. You can wire it in...
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    Audi A4 B8 Door Warning Light and Puddle Light retro fit

    For anyone having issues with the rear footwell lights, only certain BCM1 modules are pinned for the rear lights in the correct plug. So even though the pin is fitted into the right plug (the black 17 pin plug) the pin doesn't exist on the BCM1 board so won't work. This is for those having...
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    s4 b8 steering wheel airbag question

    In a word. no. The way the airbags mount to the wheel is very different between the Mk2 TT and, for example, B8.5 A4. For yours it'll be the Mk2 TT.