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    New Audi A5/S5 picture thread

    Like these a lot. Got any details on them please?

    Plastic polishing, has anyone tried compound on their rear lights

    Another thing to note would be that the pad I used got pretty clogged (more apparent when I cleaned it in the sink) with spent product and crud from the light. If I had more to do (ie. if I was working on a panel on a car) then the pad would need to be cleaned properly or replaced with a new one

    Plastic polishing, has anyone tried compound on their rear lights

    Honestly, I was pretty pleased with the outcome too. Didn't think that it would come up like this without wet sanding, so quite educational for me. They still need some work to be perfect as the edges need more attention, but the real importance is that you can get great results (safely) with...

    Alternative product advice

    Turtle Wax Seal & Shine is really good for sub £8. Just rinse thoroughly

    Car washing with advanced key

    Faraday pouch for sure. Or a faraday box whenever not in use.

    Rusty disks seizing pads after washing - advice

    I usually give it a few lengths up & down the road to dry the brakes. Seems to reduce the build up significantly

    Best interior door trim cleaner

    Koch Chemie Pol Star 5:1. PH Neutral

    Plastic polishing, has anyone tried compound on their rear lights

    Polished up the father in-laws headlights on his Volvo XC60 with a basic DA, LC MF pad and some Koch Chemie H8. Not refined, just cut. Credit to H8 for finishing down so well

    Carpet mats

    If you haven't already, take a look at Jon at Forensic Detailing recommended them and they look decent for winter use. Plug in the OEM connectors too by the looks of them

    A7 Boot Liner

    Merry Christmas all, Any of you bunch come across a decent rubber boot liner for our beloved A7's? Found a website ( that does the floor mats but can't for whatever reason get a boot liner Hoping you gents may have found something I've missed

    Dunlop SPORTMAXX Cracked (& replacements)

    To clarify, it's not that I'm after any more money.. I feel that it may not have even got to Dunlop as it seems the supplier of the retailer has authorised it. My worry is that more could go unnoticed and cause potentially fatal accidents. I guess that's why I started this thread in the first...

    Dunlop SPORTMAXX Cracked (& replacements)

    So last week I managed to get to email and speak to a very helpful guy at Dunlop UK, who I gave my reg to so he could see if there was any update on the tyres. Nothing on their system. He said I should be able to get a claim number from the supplier which would track the case. A week I waited...